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Chickpea Recipes : Top 10 Best and Flavored Indian Chickpea Recipes

Prity Barman
Prity Barman
Delicious Ragda Patties
Delicious Ragda Patties

Creating balance between flavor and nutrition is one of the greatest problems posed by modern day chefs. We have to search for items that seamlessly blend into our everyday life and please our taste buds at the same time. One of the better recognized protein sources is legumes.

Pulses, soybeans, peas and chickpeas are part of legumes. Chickpeas are commonly eaten in the entire world. In Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine, they are a prominent feature. They are very flexible and quick to prepare. Add it to your salads, dips, healthy soups, or include it in your curry, chickpeas goes well with all of them.

Good reasons to eat more chickpeas:

1.Filled with protein: One of the best vegetarian forms of protein is chickpeas. Calcium, copper, manganese, phosphorous, fibre, potassium and folic acid are also enriched.

2.Nice for heart and cholesterol levels: A good source of folate is chickpeas. Folate helps to decrease the risk of stroke, cardiac failure and other heart disorders by lowering amino acids and homocysteine. Normal chickpea consumption also tends to reduce levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides.

3.Great for diabetics: Chickpeas tend to control blood sugar levels with a reduced glycemic index.

4.Go gluten-free with chickpeas: For all the vegans out there and all that are gluten intolerant, here is some positive news. Chickpeas are one of the better sources of protein and can quickly substitute their protein content with meat and other food items derived from animals. For vegans, chickpea flour or besan is also a fantastic choice.

5.For weight loss: Chickpeas are poor in fat and are enriched with digestive aiding dietary fibre. They also have a high benefit of satiety, which ensures that eating chickpeas leaves you complete and happy for a long time and lets you battle the cravings for mid-meals.

Now that you have sufficient cause to add more chickpeas to your diet, show them a little love and cook. We've got you covered, from fascinating Indian curries and mind-blowing Middle Eastern treats to sensational soups and salads.

Here are our 10 favorite chickpea recipes that you and your family can thoroughly enjoy. The best way to create balance between flavor and nutrition is all given here.


This famous snack, straight from the streets of Maharashtra, is set to capture the hearts of everyone. Potato tikkis are served with heart-warming chickpea curry.

Ragda can be had for a brunch or even a main course, a common Maharshtrian snack.

2.Three Bean Chaat

Together with green beans and kidney beans, chickpeas produce this simple, nutritious conversation. This is great to tame the mid-meal hunger pangs, high in carbohydrates and overflowing with flavors.

Three bean chaat, a tasty, tangy and nutritious chickpea chaat, is packed with the goodness of

rajma, chana and beans!

3.Channa Masala

Confused on what lunch to cook? For a wholesome and filling afternoon dinner, this sensational dish will repair you. Mix it with bhaturas, and you're great for a dinner party.With Coriander


The Middle Eastern star recipe has been streamlined for you. A delicious, fluffy dip that you can have or spread on a sandwich along with some Pita bread.

5.Chole Bhature-Bhature

Chole bhature, the supreme Punjabi superstar, is a must-have Indian dish. Channa is fried in hot spices and you can taste magic when you team up with golden bhatura!

6.Falafel with Bread Pita

Falafel is a well-known Middle Eastern snack. Cooked and sliced chick pea balls between pita bread and sour cream and tahini sauce. This dish is a middle eastern gem in terms of healthy and delicious food.

7.Madra Channa

To succeed at this authentic Himachali delicacy, put together chickpeas in a mix of yogurt and a host spice. This curry, cooked in pure ghee, will make you crave for more.

Channa Madra is chickpea gravy made with yogurt, served with any Indian bread for a whole meal, and it comes from the land of Himachal.


Put the rice, lentils, macaroni and chickpeas together to make this delicious Egyptian delicacy. Simple to make and cooked in a matter of minutes, with this you are guaranteed to satisfy one and all.

A wonderful vegetarian dish from Egypt, kushari is a delicious blend of macaroni, carrots, tomatoes and chickpeas.

9.Chickpea Soup

Curl yourself safely in a combination of fresh vegetables with the fire of chickpea soup simmering inside. Make soup! With tasty chickpea for winter warm-ups!


A famous Gujarati snack, made with frying besan strips in piping hot oil. When mixed with dried chili or pickle, it tastes best.

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