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Cuscus (Khuss) Grass and its Magical Medicinal Values

Professor Rajendra Kumar
Professor Rajendra Kumar

There are many medicinal plants in abundance in Kerala.  To be clear, most of the plants found in Kerala have medicinal properties. We use them in Ayurveda as medicine for one disease or another.  Here is one of the most important of them.

No one in Kerala needs to be introduced to the herb Cuscus. It is the herbaceous plant that grows in clusters with long leaves. Even in Ramayana, it is mentioned as a medicine to Ravana. He used it to control his mental imbalance.

It is a plant that can be grown indoors and outdoors.  If indoors, the plant should be grown in a place with plenty of sunlight.

It has plenty of uses:

It has the ability to keep pests out of the house. This plant also eliminates odours inside the house. Cuscus is often used in bathing water to cool the body and mind.  If the paste of this herb is rubbed on the body, the body odour will be removed. Cuscus is known as the best antidote for thirst. Drinking its water will help the body in many other ways. So it is considered as a health drink.

Beds and pillows filled with Cuscus are common today. Hand fans and curious articles are also made of Cuscus.

This refreshing plant is common sight in gardens. Its root system can prevent soil erosion on sloping surfaces.  It is best grown in moist sandy areas. It can also be grown in grow bags and pots.

Rooted shoots are used to grow the plant. Small scale irrigation is required for its cultivation. Although the roots are important, the leaves have the value as fodder.

It is available at drug stores for a hefty price.  Therefore, there are people who are cultivating Cuscus on an industrial basis.  In addition to the aforesaid needs, Cuscus is also used to make ointments.

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