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Dark Chocolate vs White Chocolate: Which is Healthier?

You might think since both are chocolates, they are nutritionally equivalent but here's the truth about which type of chocolate is healthier!

Binita Kumari

It's difficult to resist a delicious piece of chocolate, and almost nothing matches better with dessert than chocolate. However, if you're a big chocolate fan, you've certainly questioned if your favorite snack has any nutritional benefit. The nutritional value of chocolate varies depending on the kind; black chocolate and white chocolate have various elements in different amounts, which naturally influence the nutrients in each.

Dark chocolate includes larger percentages of cocoa butter and cocoa powder solids. According to experts, the percentages are normally listed on the container. White chocolate, on the other hand, contains no cocoa powder and hence is not technically chocolate. Instead, cocoa butter is generally blended with sugar and milk.

Dark Chocolate vs White Chocolate: Nutritional Benefits

Experts say that cocoa provides the bulk of the health benefits in chocolate, therefore white chocolate will be bereft of many nutrients. Instead, it's loaded with sugar, lacking in fiber, and packed with 5 grams of saturated fat for every one-ounce square. Dark chocolate, on the other hand, is normally at least 50% cocoa, with some going up to 85%, so while it's still not healthy food, it's a little more nutritious than white chocolate.

When compared to white chocolate, dark chocolate appears to be a far better option. Cocoa is high in flavanols, which are plant-derived chemicals, according to the Harvard School of Public Health.

Though more research is needed to fully understand flavanols' advantages, some studies have suggested that they can help lower blood pressure, protect the heart, and even reduce the risk of diabetes. Dark chocolate contains more cocoa than white or milk chocolate, which means it contains more beneficial flavanols (although, according to The Washington Post, the amount of flavanols in a dark chocolate bar is still too little to make much of a difference in terms of health).

Dark Chocolate vs White Chocolate: Which One to Choose?

The majority of the health claims of dark chocolate revolve around flavanols, but the snack also has a few other benefits.

Dark chocolate, according to Livestrong, contains more antioxidants, fiber, and protein than white chocolate; however, before you stock up on the cocoa-rich treat, keep in mind that it is still high in calories and has a slightly higher saturated fat content than white chocolate, so it's not exactly healthy. If you're going to eat chocolate, go for dark chocolate instead of white.

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