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World Chocolate Day: History, Importance and Some Interesting Facts about Chocolates

M Kanika
M Kanika

The World Chocolate Day is celebrated every year on 7th July. This day is all about celebrating the finest creation of humankind. Chocolate is not just a snack but much more than that.  If there is anything that everyone unanimously agrees upon, it would definitely be the delicious taste of a chocolate. Chocolates are not only mouth-watering but it also works as a perfect mood enhancer.

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The History of World Chocolate Day

The World’s chocolate Day was established in 2009, and this iconic dessert first entered in Europe in 1550. On this day, the local suppliers & candy stores around the world showcased their best loved merchandise on sale so that everyone including the young & old can enjoy the nibble of the stuff.

In order to make bar chocolate, the seeds from cacao tree are covered with the banana leaves and left to ferment and at this point, they are called as the cocoa beans. Once cocoa beans reach the processing plant, they are roasted slowly at low temperature. Now, this is the time to separate shells from nibs, so that the nibs can ground to a fine powder and called the cocoa liquor.  

The two most vital products for chocolate production come from this liquor paste. The Cocoa powder is produced & packed for purchase at the grocery stores so that we can bake the roasted taste profile in our cookies & cakes. The cocoa butter is produced for the manufacturers to use it as an ingredient in chocolate bars. 


Dark Chocolate, tastes most like its mother seed, it is simply a mixture of cocoa butter, cocoa liquor and sugar. The Milk chocolates includes those three ingredients and a smattering of milk powder. At this point, the chocolatiers add things like, salts, nuts and syrup to elevate the flavor. Once cooled, the mixture gets hard into shapes of their respective molds. And, these chocolate moulds are wrapped in a paper and shipped to all of our favorite stores & candy shops.

Surprising Facts about chocolate

A single piece of chocolate has so much of history & hidden usages, you would be surprised to know how powerful the chocolates are and how many interesting facts actually exist.

Below are the 10 Surprising facts about chocolate that you probably did not know; 

  • Chocolate is a Powerful Mental Stimulant

  • Chocolate is also used to make Alcohol

  • Chocolate can Lower the Body Fat Level

  • Chocolate can Improve Memory

  • Chocolate has a Unique Melting Point

  • White Chocolate is not a Real Chocolate

  • Solid Chocolate was invented in Britain

  • There are many Chocolates related to holidays

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