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Diwali Special: Mouthwatering Traditional Sweets from Different States of India

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia

Finally, every Indian’s long-awaited Diwali is on the corner and people can’t wait to enjoy its fullest with their friends and family. It’s a gathering of love, family and happiness with the company of lights which makes it the festival of lights. It’s a festival to light up your surroundings from dark and spread happiness and enlightens this world. It’s a festival to diminish darkness and evil and light up the world with smile and happiness. So why not light up your mood as well as your guest with these amazing mouth-watering foods of different states of India. Although India is diverse and it’s food habits as well but there is one common thing and that’s the enthuse of this festival.

Let’s spread happiness with these mouth-watering Diwali sweets from different states of India.

mawa kachori

Mawa Kachori-

Mawa is a thick dried milk product common in the area of Rajasthan where these desserts originate. These small pastries are stuffed with a combination of mawa, nuts, cardamom sugar and often drizzled with syrup to serve.

Gajar ka Halwa

Your diwali is incomplete without gajar ka halwa. A dessert that is often found in northern India, gajar halwa is made with grated carrots. They are combined with sugar, milk and water before they are cooked in ghee. The dessert is also sometimes garnished with almonds or other chopped nuts.

kaju katill

Kaju Katli

A sweet that is often cut into diamond shapes and decorated with edible silver coloring. Kaju Katli translates as cashew slice. It is made with cream, sugar and ground cashews, which are made into a smooth paste and then cooked on a flat tray or dish.

Soan Papdi

A dessert that is most commonly found in the northern states of India, sohan papdi is made with chickpea flour, sugar and milk, and although it looks quite dense has a more flaky texture when eaten, and is often served with other sweets.

gilab jamun

Gulab Jamun

A must have in every Diwali. Records of this sweet have actually been found in medieval India. Gulab Jamun is made with curdled milk and a little flour which are kneaded into a dough. This Diwali food is then dropped into hot oil for frying and drizzled with a scented syrup made with rose water and cardamom.

Puran Poli

Most commonly found in the south of India, puran poli is a flatbread made with jaggery, cardamom and nutmeg and has a nice sweet flavour. While in some areas the jaggery can be combined with sugar to add extra sweetness.


These pasty treats are labor-intensive to make, which is why they tend to be associated with the special occasion of the festival, with rice being soaked for three days before being dried and ground into powder. This is then combined with jaggery and poppy seeds before being shaped into discs and fried in ghee.

choddo shak

Choddo Shak

This tasty Diwali festival food originates in Bengal. Choddo shak are made with fourteen different types of leafy green stir fried with chilies and herbs. It is usually reserved for special occasions like Diwali as it’s so time consuming to make.


Snacks that are quite similar to a Bombay Mix, these nibbles are shared with friends and family and include raisins, peanuts, mustard seeds and a type of flattened rice known as poha, which are cooked and flavored with turmeric powder and green chili.


Light and crispy snacks that are flavored with chili powder, mathiya are common in the Gujarat region of India, and are made by kneading a light dough with water and ghee along with the chili powder before frying, and are sometimes sprinkled with more chili after cooking.

Chirongi Nuts

These nuts are cultivated in many areas of India. They can be eaten raw or toasted before they are eaten, with a flavor that is similar to an almond, with the toasted nuts having a slightly stronger flavor.


These savory snacks are deep fried vegetables or minced meat, with egg to bind it together. They are dipped in batter before it is cooked and one of my favourite things to eat.

mullu murukku

Mullu Murukku

Looking like a knot of knobbly rope, mullu murukku may not be the most attractive food, but it is a tasty one that is spicy and made with rice flour and cumin seeds, before they are fried , while a special piece of equipment is usually required to make these distinctive snacks.

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