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Diwali Business Idea: Start this Business for Rs 1 Lakh & Earn Profits of Rs 35000 to 40000 Every Month

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher
Biscuit Baking Business
Biscuit Baking Business

Profitable Business Idea: During this festive time, we will inform our viewers about the business that can give them good money. So, if you too want to earn good on this Diwali then go for this special business idea of baking biscuits.

You only need to have Rs 1 lakh and then you are good to go. Baking biscuits is a very profitable business idea especially during the festive time. You can easily start this business even from home. Remember peoples demand change by time and at this time, the demand of biscuits will be huge. People prefer biscuit items for gifts on Diwali and many like to purchase for themselves.

So, double your earning on this Diwali and let’s know in detail about biscuit baking business, loan provided for this business, and profits in it.

Biscuit Baking Business Idea:

Remember the demand of this business is never reduced. Also, raising funds is not difficult for this business due to consumption and guaranteed returns.

Loan for Biscuit Making Business:

If you want to start the Biscuit Making Business, then the loan will also be easily available under the government's currency scheme. It is to be noted that to start such a business, a place is needed to set up a plant to start a manufacturing unit. Along with this one has to invest in low capacity machinery and raw material.

Biscuit Business
Biscuit Business

Cost of Biscuit Plant:

Working capital will cost about Rs 1.86 lakh. This includes the cost of raw materials, ingredients and worker salary, packing and rent etc. It will cost around Rs 3.5 lakh in fixed capital. This will include the cost of all machinery and equipment.

Now, talking about the total cost, you can start a business of biscuit manufacturing from about Rs 5.36 lakh. In this, you have to spend only Rs 90000 from your pocket. The remaining amount can be raised on term loan and working capital loan.

Profits from the Biscuit Making Business:

If you talk about the production cost, then about Rs 14.26 lakh, turn over Rs 20.38 lakh, gross profit Rs 6.12 lakh, loan interest Rs 50000, income tax will cost Rs 13000 to 15000. Talking about the other expenses, only Rs 70000 to 75000 will have to be given in it. In this way, you will get a profit of Rs 35000 - 40000 every month from the business.

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