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Easy tips to prevent apple from browning

Dr. Sangeeta Soi
Dr. Sangeeta Soi

It’s sometimes very difficult to make your kids eat fruit and even elders as it turns brown after chopping. Apple is the most important fruit in this regard as it turns brown after we keep it in open just for half an hour or so. There is obviously a reason why apples turn brown? So let’s learn about it.

Reason for apple browning 

As we all know apples are rich source of iron. As we cut the apple, it comes in touch with the oxygen in the air, then iron and oxygen do chemical reaction and form rust in the form of brown pigments on the surface of apple. This rust is not harmful but actually not appealing to the kids and others as it does not provide that fresh aroma and taste to the apple. Of course we don’t want that but come let’s explore what has to be done to prevent it. 

After a great lot of experiments and readings, here some interesting tips that will certainly help in keeping fruits fresh. 

Here are the few; 

  1. Lemon juice: Applying lemon juice with brush or dipping the fruits in lemon juice will certainly give it a fresh look. Although the fruit may taste a little tangy. So why not explore some more.

  2. Salt water: Soaking fruits in salt water not for long may also help solve the problem. Half teaspoon of salt in water may solve the issue smartly.

  3. Only water: Water in itself is a rich source of keeping the fruit fresh. Therefore, we can cut the fruit in water to keep it fresh for a while. Yes, of course it may not be for too long.

  4. Ascorbic acid powder: Very easily available in grocery stores it is in powdered form, which can be available in different names and brands. Just needs to be sprinkled on the fruit to keep it long.

  5. Packing back: Using rubber band after slicing the whole apple and packing it back in a bunch is the easiest way out but feasible only in case one is packing the complete apple and covering few slices may not help.

  1. Ginger ale: Any soda with citric can work the same. This can keep the apple slices fresh without affecting the flavour. Slice is one of the example

  2. Honey: The main reason to apply honey is to make a barrier between apple and air to prevent oxidation that will not lead to the browning. Sugar can also be the alternative. For itStill if these do not work for you then wait a while! As our scientist are bringing genetically modified apples, which will not turn brown. So be smart and go with the wind. 

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