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Eat Bananas Every day to Get These Surprising Health Benefits

We all know how good bananas are for our human body. But what exactly do they do specifically for our body? They are one of the healthiest foods one can eat, ranging from the finest source of potassium to the packaging of multiple nutrients.

Prity Barman

We all know how good bananas are for our human body. But what exactly they do specifically for our body? They are one of the healthiest foods one can eat, ranging from the finest source of potassium to the packaging of multiple nutrients. 

Banana Benefits

To be specific here are some major benefits of eating bananas everyday: 

  • As a pre-workout snack, bananas are proven to be the most effective for effective work outs.

  • It contains fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin c, magnesium, zinc, manganese, and also protein. 

  • Pectin is the type of fiberthat gives a spongy texture in bananas. In the other side, unripe bananas have sturdy starch serving as soluble fiber and are free of digestion. Pectin and resistant starch can improve blood sugar control after feeding, as it fills in nature, and help to suppress the appetite. In fact, this will help one lose your weight. 

But there must me some or other specific reasons why health experts try suggesting eating bananas on a regular basis. To get into details lets first understand more about bananas. 

Banana is a fruit belonging to the genre of Musa and are found all year around the world. Bananas used for cooking can be called 'plantans' in some countries, which vary from dessert bananas. In some countries, it is an elongated, edible fruit. The fruit varies in height, color and weight, but is typically elongated and curved, with a smooth, starchy, rind-covered flesh that may be green, yellow, red, purple or brown when ripens. The fruits emerge in the top of the plant clusters. Far from becoming a modern edible seedless banana - Musa Acuminata and Musa Balbisiana - are two native varieties. 

Now as we know about what are bananas and where and how are they made available, let’s talk about the bananas healthy reasons for humans consumption. 

Banana tree
Banana tree

Mental health: Serotonin deficiency is the main reason for depression. In fact, the deficiency of serotonin is associated with many psychiatric symptoms such as depression and anxiety. 

In this tropical tree-fruit the tryptophan that is transformed to serotonin is naturally rich.   

  • Low glycemic index: In comparison, bananas have a low index of glycemic (GI). The amount of GI in 30 unripe bananas, while ripe bananas are 60 or more. Bananas do not cause significant blood sugar levels to increase. For diabetics, the fruit is therefore healthy to choose.

  • Helps in curing IBS: It is advised that people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) take a low FODMAP diet. This diet aims at reducing foods that are high in certain carbohydrates. The word FODMAP is used to represent fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, polyoles and monosaccharides. There are fermentable carbohydrates that are short-chain. Fruits specially bananas are recommended highly for curing such syndromes

  • Stronger bones: calcium absorption becomes higher when one consumes bananas and hence this whole procedure actually makes the bones become stronger than before.

  • Helps in reducing acidity: bananas cannot just contribute to lower constipation but also help in reducing acid levels inside our body. Banana fibermaterial aids with this. Bananas are also a fruit of low acidity, which may help anyone that get often acid reflux. The improvement of the overall digestive system will benefit from fiber-rich bananas. 

As we know the entire reasons of why experts suggest the regular consumption of bananas and including it into our diet, one more question that remains is how and what ways should it be included into the diet or consumed? 

Well as per the detailed study done by various other nutritionist as well as other health experts it is now clear the one banana a day is sufficient to get all these above points to be covered. 

Apart from bananas there are various other fruits too which are suggested to be included into our regular diet for health benefits. It’s now time for us to do look for such more amazing fruits which actually can make our body become more bit and be full of energy just with our little efforts and time. 

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