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Super Food: The Red Bananas and their Health Benefits

Prity Barman
Prity Barman
red bananas

Among the thousands of varieties of bananas in the world, one of the most popular varieties is the Red bananas which are natively grown in India and South East Asia. Through different trade routes, it has reached South America, United Arab Emirates and Africa. These bananas have quite grown their popularity now in India too, all because of its health benefits and its peculiarity.

Red Dacca (botanical name) or Red Bananas are a hybrid of Musa balbisiana, found majorly in South Asia and China. In India these fruit are mostly grown in Kamalapur village, Karnataka.

 Red Bananas are perennial plants and therefore they are grown all around the year. These bananas are vibrant reddish-purple in colour due to the presence of beta carotenoids and lutein. The red bananas have a light pinkish flesh inside which we eat as a fruit and normally these flesh are much softer and sweeter than the normal yellow bananas. These bananas are preferred to be consumed only when fully ripe.

It is quite challenging to keep its production ongoing with coming years as the labour cost, the special fertilizers and pesticide required for its plantation makes it quite expensive for the Indian market, therefore getting its nickname the “Rich man’s fruit”.

However the properties of this fruit are much more worth than the money one spends on it.

red banana

Now getting into the details let us see what makes this fruit the super food in the entire world.

  • Red bananas contain a greater amount of potassium and magnesium two scientifically proven minerals required for maintain a good or normal blood pressure. A single red banana contains enough percentage of these minerals which almost makes it a very good food option to tackle high blood pressure.

  • Vitamin B6 as stated by many scientists may have triggered the growth of life in our earth. Therefore this vitamin makes the red banana more valuable as Vitamin B6 is really required for the cell growth and mainly brain development. This vitamin also provides in providing our body with energy. Hence, the red banana can really be eaten as an energy bar.

  • As unique as it seems but red bananas also have Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in the proper functioning and rebuilding of our immune system. Mainly it helps in the maintenance of the white blood cells. Therefore, eating a red banana makes our body immuned to many of the diseases.

  • Red bananas are also said to contain a lot of antioxidants preventing the risk of suffering from many huge diseases like cancers.

  • Fibrous nature of this fruit makes it good for digestive system. It treats constipation and also keeps one away from bowl diseases.

  • These bananas are low in calories therefore are very good as diet food. It helps in weight loss because of the metabolism rate increasing vitamins present in the fruit.

  • One peculiar thing about red bananas is also that it helps in improving lactation during pregnancy. This banana is especially useful during pregnancy at really helps in the overall development of both the child and the mother.

  • Red bananas are also known for improving eyesight with increase in age. This means that if a person takes red banana on a regular basis, he/ she is going to end up with a lot better eyesight in comparison to other non red banana eaters of their age. Again it’s all because of the important vitamin A.

  • Red bananas are unique because unlike other yellow bananas this banana has quite a huge amount of essential vitamins which can be used by our body especially those with anaemic condition to replace iron in the process of making haemoglobin inside our body.

  • Last but not the least this fruit also has the ability to stimulate the “Happy hormones” in our body causing the feeling of goodness to be felt if consumed during extreme stress or sadness.

Conclusion: red bananas are really super food as only a single fruit provides with such important functional nutrients all curing some or the other daily diseases of humans. The cost might be a little higher than that of the normal yellow bananas but these red bananas are worth because of all the health benefits it provides a human body. Today’s world is all surrounded by various disease and pandemics. Hence, eating such beautiful, tasty yet nutritious and disease curing fruit might make us feel less worried about our and our loved ones health.

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