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Everyday Dying to Live a little more ?

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Industrialization of 19 Century has made life for us a little easier. But how much has this ease been to our health and lifestyle. Every now and then we hear of heart attacks, carcogenic deaths, High BP and many such terms. The Life style diseases may be defined as the diseases caused by unnatural life style. The natural life style has been captured nicely in the following proverb.

 Early to bed, early to rise,
Makes a man, healthy, wealthy and wise”.

Bird goes to its nest at the sunset and gets up with the sun. This keeps them a little distant to the world of diseases. All the living beings have a cardiac clock running in ourselves and even if there is no wall clock or wrist watch, yuor body knows when to wake up, when to sleep, when to eat.

Now a days, the un-natural life has become a rule than exception. Computers, mobiles etc are the important companions of human beings and generally people work up to late hours and get up late in the morning. Fast food seems ir-replaceable options.

Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack ,cancer, depression, obesity and diseases due to malnutrition like anaemia (iron deficiency disease),diarrhoea in children ( zinc deficiency disease) etc are the most common vocabulary. 

There is an ideal time slot when we should have our food. It is observed the breakfast at about 7-30 am, lunch at 12-30 pm and dinner at 7-30 pm are the ideal time. There should be atleast 3 hour of difference from the time you take your dinner and by the time you sleep. 

Life should be simple and true to the nature. We should take balanced diet. That implies that our diet should have required amount of proteins carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins, water and fibre.

Balanced diet can be easily obtained from the good quality food produced through the balanced fertilization of crop plants. Crop plants need 17 essential elements which are supplied through different sources like organic manures, bio fertilizers and chemical fertilizers.These are supplied on the basis soil test crop response correlation experiments results basis.

Our physical body has to be in balanced with mental body which in turn has to be in consonance with the causal body. In other words, physical life, mental life and spiritual life need to in proper balance. This harmony is possible through proper physical exercise like morning walk, Asans, Pranayam, and meditation respectively.

Capable guides are needed for each kind of activities. And they are available if we really interested. Morning walk has to be done alone with the thought that our health are improving. Similarly while performing asans and pranyams we should have the positive thoughts. Mediation under capable guide can provide food for the soul. And thus we live a balance and quality life free from life style diseases like depression, mental worries, negativies, stress and diabetics’ and so on.

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