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Everything you need to know about Açai, “The Wonder Berry”

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher

The Açai fruit or the Amazonian palm berry is one of the most nutritious berries that can be added in one’s diet. This inch-long reddish-purple fruit is native to Central and South America. It comes from the Açai palm tree and found in the rainforests of South America. This anti-oxidant rich berry has many health benefits.

   This superfood is about 1-2 centimeters in diameter and its seed constitutes about 80 percent of the fruit.  Açai berries have been around from thousands of years but were introduced to the Western world in the 1990’s.

Health benefits of Açai Berries-

1. Rich in anti-oxidants- Açai berry has very high level of antioxidants as compared to other plant food. It contains twice as many antioxidants as blueberries and 10 times as grapes. Açai pulp has 10-30 times more anthocyanins than the same amount of red wine.

Anthocyanins is a type of antioxidant that balances cholesterol levels, prevents cancer cell proliferation and cancer cell invasion. Its powerful detoxification capacity keeps the digestive system clean and helps digestion.

2. Promotes healthy heart- Rich in plant sterols this fruit provides cardio protective benefits like supporting blood circulation, relaxing blood vessels and improving overall blood composition. It can reduce the risk of heart attack by 32 percent in young and middle-aged women.

3. Provides weight loss- Fiber and fatty acid content in Açai berries help to lose weight. It increases metabolism, boost fat burn and decrease cravings. Thereby, maintaining a healthy weight.

4. Improves skin health- The right proportion of nutrition in Açai berry gives your skin a healthy glow. Natural skin care products made with Açai oil are the best alternative to chemical based skin care products. The antioxidants level of Açai oil remains high even when processed and stored in long term.

5. Boosts immune system- Consuming Açai fruit boost the production of human gamma delta T cells in cell cultures, an important part of the immune system. It also boosts the production of interleukin 12 (IL-12) and myeloid cells which ensures that the immune system is healthy.

6. Reverse anti-aging effects- Açai berries are extremely rich in many forms of phytochemicals which slows down and even reverses the aging process. The antioxidant properties found in them helps fight the free radicals and delay the sign of aging.

7. Provides good sleep- Drinking a glass of Açai berry juice before going to bed each night provides a good sound sleep.

8. Strengthen hair growth- The vital nutrients present in Açai fruit makes hair stronger, softer and shinier. Rich in proteins, healthy fats (omega3, 6 and 9) and vitamins like A, B complex, C and E maintains healthy scalp and strengthens hair from roots.

Zinc and folic acid greatly benefits scalp health and also prevents hair loss. Whereas, folic acid improves blood circulation in the scalp, provides hair growth and prevents graying of hair.

   This wonder food of Brazil discovered by surfers can be purchased dried, frozen, as juice, as powder, in food products and in tablet form. One interesting fact about Açai berry is that even Oprah calls it as one her 10 super foods.

   Açai is a regenerative product picked from the tropical rain forest by small independent farmers supporting the local economy. When consumed as a juice or pulp it can increase blood antioxidant levels and reduce chemicals involved in oxidative stress.

   Consuming Açai is a worldwide trend which is growing every year. There are lot of business opportunities and ways in which the fruit is consumed around the world.

 The Açai Express, Puerto Rico based lifestyle brand that offers Açai fruit entered the US market in May and has awarded two US franchises- one in Denver, Colorado and other in Rockaway Township, New Jersey. Açai Express which started as a single San Juan surf side food truck has now grown to thirteen locations in Puerto Rico and three franchise locations in Cocoa beach in Florida, Denver and Rockaway Township, New Jersey.

 Açai Express use 100 percent pure, Grade A, organic Açai berries and provides a good quality alternative to fast food. Though the product has a worldwide growing demand yet it has no competition from other producing countries.  

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