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GoodDot plant-based meat, a new trend in the Indian food industry


Meat is an integral part of cuisine all over the world. Though many are aware of it's not so healthy side and also the amount of violence involved, a restriction on its consumption is a challenge. The mouth-watering taste and choices available are the main causes withholding many from being a Vegan. Here stands GoodDot a Jaipur based startup which provides an alternative to meat consumers. 

Plant-based meat is what they are introducing to Indians; the idea is already a hit in the US. In the US it is a $684 million industry. 

What is plant-based meat?

Plant-based meat has taste and texture similar to normal meat. But the composition is different. It uses wheat gluten, Soy protein, pea protein, and soy flour. This is a perfect alternative to meat users appetite and expected nutrient level.  In US plant-based meat is marketed as an alternative to beef, but in India plant-based meat targets on Chicken, as it is the most consumed meat. 


GoodDot was started by Abhishek Sinha, who was in Indian Revenue Service and was a deputy commissioner of income tax. He got influenced by an animal shelter run by an American couple at Udaipur, it was there he came to know about the plant-based meet, which eventually led to the opening of a plant at Udaipur for commercial production. GoodDot has raised fund from individual investors and from New Crop Capital. 

GoodDot sells their products online through its own website, and also through Paytm, Amazon, and RCM. It is trying to familiarize the meat through quick service restaurants.

Skeptical Market

The market analysis for this product gives a mixed reaction. In India, meat consumption is depended on religious ideology and not because of concern for animals. Indian vegetarians have an aversion for meat and they even avoid mushroom for the same cause.

So acceptance by a major chunk is still a question at the same time the changing food trend among health-conscious youngster’s gives an expectation for nutritious protein-rich meat demand is giving hope. It is too early to reach a conclusion because of even the concept of plant-based meat is a novelty in India. 

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