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Green homes- Environment’s need.

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Environment nowadays is the major concern in terms of living, as we all know we are facing a major crisis in terms of pollution, the major issue all over world. Green is the motto of nowadays which has to be implemented, as it will be difficult for all of us to survive with the increasing level of pollution

Keeping the above points in mind the homes that we live in plays a major role as it is the part of our daily activities.  A 2015 study found that Delhi and Mumbai topped the list of greenhouse gas emissions among major cities in India. (Other cities are fast catching up). And a huge chunk (approx. 30+%) of those greenhouse gases are produced from the residential sector. That is clearly a LOT. However, there is a way you can do your part for the environment.

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The concept of green homes or sustainable living is catching up and with good reason.

1 You will leave behind a better planet for your future generations and they will be grateful to you for it

By reducing your energy usage, reducing your water usage and making best use of household waste, you can make a HUGE difference.

Top green home projects are those that use solar energy for electrical needs like heating, cooling, and daily upkeep. Mind you, heating and cooling forms the biggest contributors to our electrical demands.

Thus, by using solar energy, which is cleaner than fossil fuels, we can protect the environment from greenhouse gases.

Secondly, by harvesting rainwater, a green home lowers its dependence on municipal water supply. Water supply, which is sourced from natural water bodies. Besides, by filtering grey water drained from kitchens, bathrooms and washing machines, gardens can be nurtured in communities. Thus excess water need not be spent on maintaining gardens.

In addition, composting of biodegradable home waste into fertilizers for use in gardens is an excellent way to reduce domestic waste. This way, home waste, which would have otherwise ended up in landfills, causing land and air pollution can now be recycled back for constructive purposes.

Hence, by conserving and recycling resources, we can reduce the stress on nature and undo a lot of the damage we have already done on to mother earth.

2 It is also profitable

Energy efficient appliances may be expensive to start off, but you can save on thousands in bills through the lifetime of the appliance. Look at them as an investment rather than an expense.

Just as green home projects are all about creating sustainable units of living, you also want to be embracing a green living mindset. This opens up limitless creative opportunities for saving money in the long term.

For example, by deciding to eat home cooked meals more often, you’ll not only save a lot of money but also protect the environment.

At every step of the food production process beginning with cultivating the farm produce, then storing them, then transporting them, each of those steps requires electricity or the use of fossil fuels. This adds up to the footprint of our food supplies.

Now, when you eat out at a restaurant, you dine at a facility that runs on electricity. The place itself is well furnished, and all of that raises emissions on the same meal, had it been cooked at home.

That is how a simple decision like cooking at home can save not only money but also the impact on our environment.

3 Your health and quality of life will improve

Wall paints are the leading cause of indoor air pollution. That is why today, eco-friendly, non-VOC paints are in such high demand.

These paints contribute to your well-being by bringing down the health hazards caused by inhaling the fumes of their VOC counterparts.

Moreover, green homes are now designed around a new scientific design principle called passive house design.

A German physicist Dr Wolfgang Feist and construction expert Professor Bo Adamson originally conceived Passivhaus, which translates to ‘Passive House’, in the late 80’s.

This means as a resident of a green home you enjoy the benefits of optimal indoor temperature, excellent airflow and natural lighting without stepping out of your home or investing in expensive appliances.

With heat, light and air taken care of, you will experience an instant gain in overall health and life.

Green homes can be profitable, durable and healthier to live in.

With the shift to clean and renewable energy, it is not surprising to see, that India is amongst the top ten countries in the world producing green solar power right now. Thus, sustainability is no longer a distant dream but a near reality. With proper planning and sustainable choices, you can turn your home into a green dwelling.

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