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How to Protect your Elders from COVID- 19

Shivam Dwivedi
Shivam Dwivedi

The Coronavirus pandemic is impacting the global population in drastic ways. Although all age groups are at risk of COVID- 19, older people face significant risk of developing severe illness that come with ageing. In many countries, older people are facing the most threats and challenges at this time. 

7 Safeguarding Tips: 

As we know older people are known to be more at risk of serious illness due to COVID- 19, especially those with pre- existing conditions and those who are immune compromised. Here are few precautions for family caregivers should take to protect their seniors from this pandemic: 

  • Follow National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) guidelines for social distancing. Don’t get panic and limit your time in public spaces. Be mindful of the NCDC’s advice that, “The best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to the virus.”

  • Practice social distancing as much as possible between people in the home. For instance, try to limit the elder to a single location in the home and don’t share your personal items with them. As the virus spreads easily among people in the same house, and older adults within the home are at greater risk than others.

  • Try to limit contact with the elder to one person. Designate one person to provide all contact with the elder in the home. That designated caregiver should also limit their daily interactions with the elderly to reduce their risk of exposure.

  • Wash hands with soap & Water for at least 20 seconds. According to NCDC’s guidelines, regular soap and water is the most effective protection against spreading the virus. If you are using a hand sanitizer, make sure it contains at least 60- 70 percent alcohol. Spray all surfaces of the hands with sanitizer and rub until dry.

  • Clean all household surfaces and daily use items with EPA- registered disinfectants. Prioritize even more rigorous cleaning of high-use areas. 

  • Postpone all non-essential doctor and dentist visits at this time. 

  • The fear and anxiety due to this outbreak may make you distressed. That’s why to avoid such distress limit your exposure to news reports and social media. Take a walk, practice some breathing exercises  to breathe some fresh air. 

Stay involved in the Care of your Loved One!

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