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How to Quit Smoking as Smokers are at Higher Risk during Coronavirus Outbreak

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Is it so difficult to quit smoking? How many times you have tried to quit smoking? When do we know that smoking is harmful then why can’t we stop doing it? One reason for not being able to quit smoking is our weak mental strength or ability. 

People generally start smoking cigarettes for fun and pleasure especially youngsters but later on the same fun becomes an addiction. Some people start smoking cigarettes getting inspired by others. There are many others who have a misconception about cigarette smoking that it gives relief to them. 

Ask yourself these questions when buying cigarettes 

  • Ask yourself when you are buying cigarettes that Am I buying death from the earnings of my parents.

  • If you are a seller then ask yourself that Am I earning for this.

  • Ask yourself if I die early, will my wife be able to live without me.

  • Ask yourself that Am I destroying my own health. 

Some effective home remedies to quit smoking  

  • Consume plenty of oats because it removes deadly toxins from the body and reduces the desired smoking.

  • Drinking plenty of water helps to flush out toxins from the body. 

  • Eat pure honey to quit smoking as it contains vitamins, enzymes, and proteins, which will help relieve the habit of smoothing comfortably. 

  • If you feel like smoothing, you can chew it with the toothpaste of licorice.

  • Consume red Chili because it eradicates the desire to smoke. 

Five Ways to Quit Cigarettes 

  • Tell the people around you that you are going to quit cigarettes.

  • Read about successful people.

  • Keep fast.

  • Stop drinking alcohol.

  • Throw ashtrays and lighters.

  • Start a workout and maintain your diet.

  • Ask your parents to help you to quit cigarettes.

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