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How You Can Lose 20 kilos like This Famous Singer by Following 3 Simple Steps

Vivek Verma
Vivek Verma

Popular singer Adele became the talk of the town when she shared her weight loss picture on her 32nd birthday this year on Instagram. She has lost over 44 kilos in the past few years and her celebrity friends are commenting their gratitude on her picture.

Her photo also became the center of the debate for both in favor and against her weight loss. Her former personal trainer Pete Geracimo came in her support and defended her choice.

Gerasimov, who is based in London, is a firm believer in a healthy sustainable diet and regular workouts. He believes that “transformations don’t have to be complicated”. 

Talking about Adele’s weight loss, he said that there are 3 simple steps that helped her lose weight for good. He advises that everyone should commit fully to the whole process and above all have to be patient. "Fast results tend to be fleeting. Slow and gradual tends to last longer" he said.

The Diet Plan 

The one thing that all of us are more curious about other than her transformation is the diet plan she followed. Well, it is known as “Sirtfood dieting”. This diet plan advices to drink green juices and eating meals which are rich in sirtfoods. Sirtfoods include Apples, citrus foods like oranges, walnuts and amazing dark chocolates and red wine. These foods are rich in antioxidants and act as protectants that helps in slowing down of aging and boost metabolism. A fast metabolism thus helps in fat loss. Some studies suggests that people can reduce 2-3 kilos in a week by following sirtfood diet.  

Gerasimov, Adele’s former trainer believes in realistic nutrition and training and does not believe in any shortcuts or anything faddy. He also does not promote pills or powders and supplements. Geracimo says that he believes in eating real foods and the diet plan should be sustainable otherwise you cannot reach anywhere with your goal.  

The Workout Schedule 

A good workout plan always works wonders with the right diet. Adele’s trainer worked with her 2-3 times a week because of her extremely busy schedule. Their training sessions were comprised of Bodyweight exercises, Weight training, Resistance band training along with boxing and cardio challenges. Geracimo believes that exercise should be fun and complement our daily lives by making it easier.  

Sleeping schedule 

This is very crucial for the fat loss game. Adele’s swears by a good night's sleep as it helps her body and mind to repair and recover. Good sleep is very important for a healthy lifestyle but most people skip on this due to stress or workload. You should know that if you sleep well, you get less stressed the next day. It helps in absorbing nutrients better in the body and burns fat also. 

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