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Indian Thali: What makes it the Most Nutritious Meal?

M Kanika
M Kanika
Indian Thali
Indian Thali

If you are an Indian, you would probably know the different varieties of Indian Thali, which are found across the geography of India. Indian cuisine is the perfect blend of different variety of dishes & ingredients; it is full of color, taste & packed with essential nutrients.

Despite of the variety of dishes coming from the different parts of the country, Thali, which comprises of variety of food items, always wins. Each region of India has its own version of Thali.

Indian Thali is a traditional plate, which has more than ten types of dishes, along with the yoghurt, pickles & condiments. It is served during weddings, festivals & is considered as an important part of a restaurant’s menu. The food served can range from a leaf to the silver platter; it depends on which part of India you are in.

When it comes to taking care of your health, you can have an Indian Thali as it is the most nutritious meal & is a perfect blend of all essential nutrients. Below are three major reasons of why Indian Thali is considered to be a highly nutritive meal.

Helps with Weight Management

An Indian meal has an adequate proportion of chapatti, vegetable, lentils & rice. This is perfect protein & carbohydrate combination, which provides you with the good amount of energy & helps to manage weight. Lentils have an essential amino acids & protein, which are the building blocks of the muscle growth & in turn it helps to lose the excess body fat.

A Balanced Diet

Each Indian state has their own versions of the ‘Indian Thali’. However, each one of them provides a balanced portion of nutrients & food. A typical Thali usually has chapatti, lentil, vegetables, rice, mint, yoghurt, chutney, and pickle & butter milk/tea. All these dishes are full of protein, fibre, carbohydrate, antioxidants & minerals. It helps to improve your overall health.

Boost Immunity

The herbs & spices of Indian Thali can help to boost the immunity, gut heath & heart health. Spices such as Black pepper, Cumin, Cloves, Hing, Mint, Curry leaves, Ginger & Garlic is used in preparing the dishes for the Thali. The Indian Thali, not just provide you with the flavor but it also have an antifungal, antibacterial, antimicrobial & antiviral properties. It helps in boosting immunity & improves overall health. The lentils are also good source of pre-biotics, which can help to keep the gut bacteria balanced. Yoghurt is the good source of pro-biotics, which is good for the gut health. Not only this, a balanced diet can also help in managing the ailments like heart illness, diabetes & blood pressure.

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