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Is Stevia Safe Alternative to the Sugar!

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan
Stevia Safe Alternative

Today sugar kills worldwide more people than smoking, alcohol and drug addiction. But the death is anything but sweet. Sugar consumption, especially from sugary drinks, is the single largest and preventable contributor to the global epidemic of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, and unhealthy weight gain.

Sugar is linked to Trillions in healthcare spending globally. At least in dental diseases the intake of free sugars is associated with a global financial burden of 128 billion EUR.

India is the capital of diabetic patients after USA and China. Where after every 5 persons there is a patient of diabetes. The need of preventive measure should be implemented to stop spreading of this deadly disease. In this condition it is responsibility of international community to make stop this from being spread.

The reasons of diabetes are countless, as our lifestyle changed so drastically, our food, our daily routine work is changed.

Shri Atul Gupta, the founder of International Institute of Advanced Agriculture Skill Development (IIAASD) organization is playing a vital role in our nation to reduce the counts of diabetic patients by implementing a substitute of sugar- a natural sweetener stevia. Our organization is providing all possible services to strengthen the roots of stevia crop cultivation in India.

The scientists, innovator and investor in the field of Stevia cultivation Phytomedicine, Ayurveda, Pharmacognosy, Naturopathy, botanists, option and correlative prescription experts, individuals who have faith in characteristic solutions for investigate their examination, contextual investigations and specialists of regular medication at STEVIA WORLD ASSOCIATION GATHERING FOR INNOVATERS AND INVESTORS HELD ON 21 MARCH 2020 in Jaipur city, Rajasthan are invited.


Shri Gupta informed Krishi Jagran that this is our initiative to bring this thing in front of international forum of expert in every field to bring solutions for this cause. Our organization is providing all types of services for that.

Every one concern with stevia growing, processor, refiner, researcher, inventor, exporter, food ingredient dealer, confectionary, beverage manufacturer and trader is part of Stevia International Summit, to closely understand its community and to explore new opportunities, understand regulatory affairs, technical developments, patents, innovative uses, sugar substitution and other market updates.

Stevia International Summit objective is to provide a common platform for trade promotion, marketing, and sourcing of stevia products and to promote commercial farming of stevia all over the world and to establish a International Stevia Hub and create a platform for scientists, activists, and natural health professionals those utilize stevia products.

This summit is fully committed to introduce and encourage “knowledge sharing” among stakeholders and create a global platform for stevia business to business (B2B).

In this Summit, top executives from most renowned ingredient developers and innovations companies, stevia researchers, growers, manufacture, Quality assurer, will discuss all about stevia regulatory issues, technical challenges, latest regulations, products, technologies, tools, techniques, and services in the Stevia Value Chain and market research in this niche, but ever increasing market. 


The objectives of this summit to make stevia as substitute of sugar in India and all over the world.

We want to invite all stakeholders from the globe to come in India and invest in stevia farming, Processing, Marketing. We will offer them land, proper climatic conditions, labour force etc.

This Conference is offering up-to-the-minute updates on the latest developments in Stevia Sector around the world. This Summit objective is to provide a common platform for trade promotion, marketing, and sourcing of stevia products and to promote commercial farming of stevia all over the world and to establish a Global Stevia Hub and create a platform for scientists, activists, and natural health professionals those utilize stevia products.

Analyse critical strategies to navigate trends and changes in the Stevia usage and gain insights intconsumer behavior and opportunities in the new decadeGain valuable insights into consumer psychology and the latest customer trends and tastes issues

In-depth focus on cultivation of stevia in different climatic conditions

Stevia V/s Alternative Crops

Best Agronomic practices & techniques increase fields from Stevia plantation

To get insight into Stevia Farming and processing in India

Learn about the latest discoveries from your peers in Research & Development, Marketing and Stevia Product Development Strategy

Understand the impact of ‘next generation’ sweetener ingredients and on the food industry

Analyse the factors leading to the successful development of new products driving innovation and a faster time-to-market

Learn how to harness technology as a platform for your innovation and product development initiatives

Stay abreast of the ongoing changes in the natural sweetener industry as they relate to innovation and regulatory issues

Identify Innovative stevia applications in food & Beverage industry and development of new formulations

Benchmark with the best minds in the Stevia industry as they present case studies relevant to your immediate business concerns

Obtain market updates on Stevia development in Europe, USA, Gulf, China & Japan.

To Understand Current & Future supply & Demand equation of Stevia



It is commonly agreed that use of stevia in Indian food and beverages will not only give birth to more and more healthy products but also give immense opportunity to Indian small and marginal INNOVATERS to grow stevia in India as a cash crop and improve their economic condition, which will also attract foreign investment in building up new stevia processing units and generate employment.

This summit will bring Stevia more closer to INNOVATERS, food and beverages companies, health conscious people and diabetic population by emphasizing use of stevia in food and beverages products and to bring more awareness and knowledge development


Market Trends & Outlook for Stevia Natural Sweetener

Stevia’s Competitiveness & Prospects in India

Status & development of extraction & purification technologies

Stevia Project Finance, Investment & Funding Outlook

Evaluation of Stevia v/s sugar and other High Intensity Sweeteners

Food Application – Formulation Development

Taste & Flavor Modification

Stevia Supply Chain Development, Agricultural Practices for Maximum Yields, Health, Safety & Regulatory advances, Issue of delay in approval of stevia to be used in India as a food ingredient, Importance of Quality, international Standards and Certification, Validation of different analytical method.

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