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Know Why You Should replace Sugar with Jaggery

We all need a cup of tea every morning…isn’t it.There is no one who does not drink a cup of tea in the morning.

Professor Rajendra Kumar

We all need a cup of tea every morning…isn’t it. There is no one who does not drink a cup of tea in the morning.  Even the first morning tea is consumed by diabetics with a little bit of sweetness.  Similarly, 99% of us use sugar to get sweetness. 

We also know that most people use sugar in tea knowing that it can cause it to raise blood glucose levels. Can you think of another way?  Not for a change.  The question arises as to why the poison, I mean sugar, is used to obtain sweetness when jaggery can be a substitute.Jaggery is so rich in nutrients and health benefits.

Jaggery is mainly produced from sugarcane.  Jaggery is made by the hardening of raw sugarcane.  Sugar, on the other hand, is made by refining sugarcane.  Jaggery can be said to be a natural food.

Sugar contains vitamins and minerals such as magnesium phosphorus  potassium and  iron.  Jaggery is able to retain energy in the body.  In winter, it retains body heat.  Jaggery is good for digestion and cleansing the body.

Benefits of jaggery

It is good to eat jaggery to change the anemia and nourish the body.  Jaggery is a food rich in iron.  The use of jaggery should be accustomed to increase hemoglobin.

Adding ginger juice to jaggery tea can cure cough and allergies.  Eating jaggery is good for the body's immune system.

Jaggery is able to expel wastes from the body.  Jaggery is also commonly used for skin lightening.

It is necessary to include jaggery in the diet to melt body fat.  Therefore, jaggery plays a positive role in weight loss.  It has already been said that jaggery can expel toxic substances.  Jaggery can also cleanse the liver.

How many people know that jaggery contains minerals like zinc selenium which helps to avoid aging?  Jaggery also has the ability to prevent infections.

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