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Ramadan 2020: What You Must Eat during Sehri and Iftar

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

From today the holy month of Ramadan has started which involves a gentle diet plan for all the rozedars. Sehri is that the most vital meal during Ramazan since that's what one’s body thrives on all day. It's important that you simply keep yourself hydrated and take a well-balanced diet throughout the month for a healthier mind and body. Also it's better to start out the day with nutritious food for those who fast throughout the holy month of Ramadan. In this article we will talk about the right food that must be consumed during this holy month.

Sehri/Suhur (In the morning):  

  • Never miss the Sehri /Suhur in the early hours as it is your staple food. 

  • First of all eat almonds soaked at night and then drink some juice or milk with fruits.  

  • Take a high-fiber diet such as multigrain bread with cheese / chicken / eggs with vegetables to keep yourself feeling satisfied throughout the day.  

  • You can eat parathas made with oats or multigrain flour. 

  • You can eat egg bhurji on a non-stick pan. 

  • You can also consume rice in the morning. 

Iftar (in the evening) 

  • In the evening, you can open your fast with a glass of lemonade with salt and sugar. It will not cause lack of water in your body. 

  • You can consume Dates as they are good for health and full of energy sources and important nutrients.  

  • Diabetic patients should avoid the use of dates and can consume soy milk instead of regular milk. 

  • Those who have problems with lactose can also consume soy milk instead of regular milk. 

  • You can drink juice or consume fresh fruits at the time of iftari. 

  •  Serve the diet appropriately after a brief interval, including rice or high-fiber bread, many vegetable salad, lean meats, fish or eggs. 

Wishing everyone a blessed Ramazan !!!

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