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Sugarcane: Just a Summer Refresher or Powerhouse of Nutrients?

Sangeeta Soni
Sangeeta Soni
Amazing Health Benefits of Sugarcane
Amazing Health Benefits of Sugarcane

In this scorching summer, a glass of sugarcane juice is all you need in a hot day. It not only gives you a cool and relaxing feeling but also benefits the body in many other ways. After Brazil, India is the largest producer of sugarcane. So, sugarcane juice is easily available all over the country at a very low price, you can find sugarcane juice stalls anywhere in summer days.

This tasty juice not only gives relief and quenches thirst in summers but also gives many other health benefits.  

Health Benefits of Sugarcane 

Boosts Immunity

Sugarcane contains vitamin C and plenty of antioxidants and helps to boost immunity. It fights against respiratory infections, liver diseases, and also lowers inflammation. It also helps to maintain the bilirubin levels of the body.  

Aids Digestion

Drinking sugarcane juice regularly also aids digestion and treats the problem of constipation. The alkaline nature of sugarcane prevents acidity by maintaining the acid-base balance. It also eliminates bad cholesterol from the body and improves metabolism.  

Treat Bad Breath and Tooth Cavity

Loaded with nutrients, sugarcane helps to fight bad breath. And sugarcane contains calcium and phosphorus minerals, that helps to protect teeth against decay and cavity.  

Treats Jaundice

As mentioned earlier, sugarcane fights against liver diseases and is no less than a boon for jaundice patients. Sugarcane is known to provide lost proteins and nutrients to the body and helps in fast recovery from jaundice. 

Energy Booster One of the most important benefits of sugarcane is that it instantly boosts energy. The natural sucrose in sugarcane provides the right amount of energy to the body and normalizes the release of glucose in the body, which in turn regain the lost sugar levels.

Skin Problems

Last but not the least, sugarcane also helps fight skin problems including acne, pimples, blemishes, and makes the skin soft and supple. And alpha hydroxyl acids in sugarcane helps to maintain the glow and lustre of skin.

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