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How Farmers are Earning Good Money through Cultivation of ‘Black Sugarcane’

This is the story of a farmer, Rambharos Pancheshwar, selling the crops at twice the price by cultivating black sugarcane beneficial in jaundice. The price of normal sugarcane in the market is Rs. 10 to 20 per piece. On the other hand, farmer Rambharos Pancheshwar is earning good profits every year by selling black sugarcane at Rs. 30 to 40 per piece

Sangeeta Soni

This is the story of a farmer, Rambharos Pancheshwar, from the Khapa village on Nagpur road, 10 km from the district headquarters. He is selling his crops at twice the price by cultivating black sugarcane, which is beneficial in jaundice treatment. The price of normal sugarcane in the market is Rs. 10 to 20 per piece. On the other hand, Rambharos Pancheshwar is earning good profits every year by selling black sugarcane at Rs. 30 to 40 per piece in Nagpur and Bhopal mandi. Black sugarcane is soft and sweet in comparison to the normal sugarcane, which is mostly used in preparing juice and sugar or jaggery. Along with this, one important thing to mention is that, due to high amounts of glucose, black sugarcane is also used in curing jaundice.   

Benefit of Grading 

Pancheshwar said that grading of thick sugarcane is done in A, B, and C grades. Sugarcane of coarse and medium roundness, which is in A, B grade, is easily sold at Rs. 30 to 40 per piece. Last year, the black sugarcane of A grade was sold up to Rs. 42. This year about 3000 sugarcanes were sent to Kamathi mandi on Dussera, which is sold from 18 to 32 rupees. Demand of sugarcane increases during Diwali and Gyaras. People buy sugarcane for worship, and after then, it is used to prepare food and juice.  

Profit of Rs. 80,000 per acre 

Jaguram Pancheshwar, his elder brother said, “We three brothers have total 7 acres of land. Last year I planted black sugarcane on 1 acre of land, and total revenue generated from the sale of crop was Rs. 1.20 lakh, and total profit was of Rs. 80,000. And this year, we have planted black sugarcane in one and half to two acres of land. According to our estimation, more than 10,000 sugarcanes will grow, and it takes 10 months to get the crop ready. We grow black sugarcane crop in organic manner by adding 7-8 trolley dung manure.” 

People come to the Farm to Take Black Sugarcane 

Jaguram also said that “The consumption of black sugarcane is beneficial for jaundice treatment. People from the city and nearby areas come to their farm in large numbers to take black sugarcane. And we do not charge those who come to take black sugarcane as a medicine for treatment.” 

Engaging Farmers 

Many farmers in the village are adopting this due to the benefits they are getting. Earlier, the number was very less, but now many farmers are planting black sugarcane in the village. Apart from Rambharos Pancheshwar, farmers including Balram Pancheshwar, Sarju Pancheshwar, Dharmendra Sanodia also cultivate black sugarcane crop in the farm. This year, 28 farmers have planted black sugarcane in near to 1-2 acres of land.  

Agriculture Department is supporting the farmers

Agriculture department has also come forward to encourage the cultivation of black sugarcane crop. Efforts have been made by the Agriculture Department to prepare black sugarcane seeds in the Khapa village. KS Netam, Joint Director, Agriculture Department, Jabalpur, has also observed the crop planted in the farmer’s field during the Seoni stay. He said, “Farmer RambharosPancheshwar in Khapa is earning huge profits from the black sugarcane crop. Seeds and seedlings will be prepared so that, it can be delivered to the farmers of the district. 

Information by- 

Morish Nath, Deputy Director 

Agricultural Welfare Department, Seoni 

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