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Earn up to Rs 4 Lakh from tomato cultivation by following Successful Farmer Subhash’s path

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher
tomato cultivation
Tomato Cultivation

Subhash Gurjar who is a farmer from Kumthi, a small village in Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh, has set a new example by doing modern tomato cultivation. He is earning in lakhs from tomato cultivation. He got this success when he switched from traditional farming and to modern technology.

So let's now understand Subhash's modern tomato cultivation method:

Subhash has planted about 10000 tomato plants in his 1-acre net house with mulching technology. He planted this plant in the July month and prepared them with the right selection of seeds and the right coordination of fertilizer and irrigation. Eventually Subhash's hard work paid off and his tomato plants grew to about 9 feet and each plant has 200 tomatoes. Now they have started sending tomatoes to the market.

Spanish Tomato Seed

He ordered the seeds of this new variety of Spanish tomatoes from Hyderabad. He spent Rs 50 for about 10000 plants. After this, he got the seeds ready at Dulhar Ropani. Subhash said that he planted the prepared plants in his 1-acre net house with mulching technique.

The use of shower:

Subhash further said that for good growth of the plants, he put a shower on the plants in the net house. As the temperature of the net house rises, they spray water over the plants with the help of a shower. Due to which the temperature is favorable for the good growth of the plant. Subhash told that he has spent a quarter of Rs 2 lakhs from the time he purchased the seeds. After 8 months, now the production of tomato is good. This plant will give fruits for the next 5 months. With which they are expected to make a profit of Rs 4 lakh.

Loan from Government:

Subhash took a loan of Rs 34 lakhs for the cultivation of vegetables from the District Horticulture Department Khandwa under the National Agricultural Development Scheme for the net shed. In which the government provided him a subsidy of about Rs 17 lakh. Prior to tomato cultivation, Subhash has cultivated cucumber and capsicum in it. He earns up to Rs 4 lakh from each farming.

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