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The Magical & Unknown Health Benefits of Jungle Jalebi Fruit

The Jungle Jalebi is considered to be the tropical Indian Fruit. It has different names in different languages. It is referred as “Kodukka Puli” in Tamil, “Seema Chintakya” in Telugu, “Seema Hunase” in Karnataka, and in English it is referred as Monkey Pod, Camachile, Manila Tamarind, Ganga Tamarind, Jungle Jalebi and the Madras Thorn Fruit.

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Jungle Jalebi
Jungle Jalebi

The Jungle Jalebi is considered to be the tropical Indian Fruit. It has different names in different languages. It is referred as “Kodukka Puli” in Tamil, “Seema Chintakya” in Telugu, “Seema Hunase” in Karnataka, and in English it is referred as Monkey Pod, Camachile, Manila Tamarind, Ganga Tamarind, Jungle Jalebi and the Madras Thorn Fruit. 

The Jungle Jalebi tree grows widely in India, Philippines, Mexico, and in South American region it usually grows in the tropical regions up to 20 meters. It gives the aromatic white flowers that produce the brown/red fruit/pods which are in the circled Jalebi shape and each pod has at least 10 seeds in it. The fruit that it produces are edible, these fruits are sweet, tarted, pulpy and flavorful.

It also possesses the essential nutrients like, Protein, Calories, Dietary Fibers, Complex Carbohydrates (which helps in energy requirement and helps in digestion) it also helps in treating diarrhea, maintaining blood sugar levels, and strengthening of teeth. These fruits are fully covered with the benefits of Iron, Phosphorous, Calcium, Vitamin C & B.  

Are you looking forward to maintain your fitness level and boost your overall health?? Then you should add the Jungle Jalebi Fruit in your diet.

Benefits of Jungle Jalebi 

Below is the Health Benefits of Jungle Jalebi Fruit. 

Cures Gut Problems: The Jungle Jalebi fruits are the powerhouse of antioxidants such as quercetin and flavonoids. These benefits help in cleansing the toxic dirt stored in intestines & stomach. Therefore, it helps in curing diarrhea.  

Manage Diabetes: The extracted juice of Jungle Jalebi is called the Anti-Hyperglycemic attribute, which helps in lowering blood sugar levels of people who suffer from type 2 Diabetes mellitus. Therefore, this tangy juice of Jungle Jalebi can be taken regularly for keeping the glucose check.  

Maintains the skin and treats dermatitis: Dermatitis is characterized as the skin, which is dry, itchy, inflamed or cracked. The presence of Saponins, Anti-oxidants, Anti-bacterial & Vitamin-C helps in boosting the immunity, which leads to healthy skin.  

Secures Bones & Muscles: The presence of Minerals and Calcium in the Jungle Jalebi helps in maintaining bones health, not only the fruit even its leaves help in muscle relaxation, easing pain and stiffness of the muscle.  

Helps in Relieving Depression & Anxiety: The Jungle Jalebi fruit contains Alkaloid Anti-Oxidants, Flavonoid and Tannin. These are the powerful phytonutrients, which helps in enhancing brain power, memory and cognition. Besides this, it also helps in improving mood and helps in treating the symptom of Depression & Anxiety. 

Some Side Effects of Jungle Jalebi Fruit

The vinegary citric flavor of the Jungle Jalebi is however ideal to include in the regular meal but it can be minorly harmful too, so adding it in moderate amount would be the best.  

The Pregnant or Breastfeeding women should not consume the Jungle Jalebi Fruit, as it is sour & pulpy. 

The external application of the Jungle Jalebi Fruit or using its extracts should be perform under caution as it can cause irritation near eye area & skin.  

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