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Top 9 Varieties of Saag in India & their Health Benefits

M Kanika
M Kanika
Green Leafy Vegetables

When we think of an Indian Kitchen, the first thing that comes to our mind is the platform filled with green leafy vegetables. Because of its zero taste, as a kid many of us never liked these leafy greens. But, as we grew up, we understood the importance of the leafy greens in mental & physical well – being, we slowly started having these tender leaves, which are no less than powerhouse of nutrients.

Below is the detail information about the Best Indian Leafy Vegetables to Include in your Diet, these are popularly known as Saag and deserve to be on the list of Super Foods

Kalmi Saag

The Kalmi Saag is also known as Anne Soppu in Karnataka. It is the water spinach, which is considered effective in weight loss. Kalmi saag is the low calorie leafy green that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins & minerals. It is effective in preventing osteoporosis & anemia caused by the iron deficiency.

Bathua Ka Saag

This is the seasonal leafy greens, which is commonly available during the winter season in Bihar & is also known as Chenopodium album, goosefoot, lamb’s quarter or pigweed. It is rich in zinc, potassium, calcium, phosphorus & other antioxidants. This arrow shaped green also works as the blood purifier and is fully packed with the amino acid that aids digestion.

Methi Saag

Methi Saag is also known as Fenugreek leaves. It is wintergreen, which is rich, because of its antimicrobial properties. This low calorie saag contains antioxidants such as diosgenin, trigonelline, which have surprising health benefits.

Helencha Saag

Helencha Saag is also known as Buffalo Spinach, this Bengal saag is known for its unique bitter taste & medicinal properties. This saag is helpful in improving the sleep, weight loss & relaxes the muscles. It is also effective in treating the skin disease because of its antimicrobial properties.

Sahjan Ka Saag

Sahjan ka Saag is known as the Drumstick leaves; it is rich in proteins, vitamins & all the essential amino acids. This seasonal green is helpful in treating arthritis, heart disease, anemia, diabetes, and liver disease & respiratory, skin and digestive disorder.

Palak Saag

The Palak Saag is popularly known as Spinach. This is a dark leafy green, which is good for hair, skin & bone health as well. This saag is helpful in improving the blood glucose & lowers the risk of cancer and it also improves the bone health. Palak is rich in calcium, iron & magnesium.

Arbi Saag

This saag is commonly known as the Arbi Ka Patta, it is used to make steamed or deep fried snack, which is seasoned with turmeric & other powdered spices. Arbi Saag is rich in Vitamin A which prevents macular degeneration associated with age & also delays onset of cataract. This saag is rich in vitamin C that helps to build WBC & fights virus and bacteria.

Chaulai ka Saag

Chaulai ka saag is commonly found in foothills of Himalayas & also in the coastal areas of South India. This saag is also known as Amarnath leaves and is rich in sodium, calcium, vitamin, A, C, E & folic acid. It is also rich in iron and is good for eyes. Chaulai ka saag comes in gold, green, red & purple color.

Gongura Saag

The Gongura saag is grown in several parts of India & is a widely consumed saag, which is rich in vitamins, mineral, iron, antioxidants & folic acid. It is consumed in many forms such as chutney, pickle and even in main course.

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