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Why Mangoes and Watermelons Should not Be Kept in Refrigerator

Chintu Das
Chintu Das

With the arrival of summer and rising temperatures, people begin to store various food products in the refrigerator that they believe may rot or become stale if left outside in the heat. However, storing every food item in the refrigerator isn't always required. 

This can sometimes affect the taste of the meal as well as your health in many ways. Foods like mango and watermelon should never be kept in the refrigerator. For many of you, this may come as a surprise. However, it is a fact. 

Reasons You Should Not Keep Mangoes and Watermelons in Fridge

Know why you must avoid keeping mangoes and melons in refrigerator;

The flavour is changed 

Watermelons, muskmelons, and mangoes are all in season during the summer. People normally wash them and keep them in the refrigerator. But did you realize that this has an impact on their taste? Watermelon, in particular, should never be left in the fridge without being chopped.  

It is often believed that storing watermelon in the fridge without cutting it can cause "chill damage," which can change the taste and color of the fruit. Furthermore, if we keep the fruit in the fridge as is, there is a risk of bacterial growth inside the fruit. If you want to keep it in the refrigerator, chop it first and then place it inside. 

Cut fruits should never be left out in the open 

It's not a good idea to keep chopped fruits out in the open. Mangoes and muskmelons, on the other hand, should never be kept in the fridge without first being chopped. Once you've purchased them, soak them in cold water for a bit before storing them at room temperature. You can cut them and put them in the fridge for a little before eating them to keep them chilled. Don't forget to seal the cut fruits. They should never be left open. 

Fruits and vegetables should be stored separately 

It is critical to understand that putting fruits and vegetables on the same shelf is not a smart idea. Stack them individually in separate baskets at all times. Did you know that they emit a variety of gases? As a result, storing them together can have an impact on their taste quality. 

Fruits kept in the open have more antioxidants 

Keeping fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe, and mango at room temperature, according to the USDA, is a preferable alternative. By keeping them out, we can preserve the antioxidants in these fruits, which are beneficial to our bodies in a variety of ways. 

In low temperatures, there is a risk of spoiling 

During the summer, watermelon and mango are two of the most popular fruits. Because both fruits have a high water content, they protect us from sunburn and keep us hydrated. 

Fruits like mango and watermelon, according to experts, should be kept out of the fridge during the summer since they are more susceptible to rotting at low temperatures. 

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