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20 BANNED | Regulation : Sale of Insecticides

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

The agro-chemical industry has been much in troubles. The trouble is being realized more as the state governments are banning the pesticides. After strict regulations from the Maharashtra and Odisha, now its  Government of Punjab who has passed a notice according to which a list of 20 pesticide technicals has been banned.

It has brought to the notice of the state government by the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) , Ludhiana , and the Punjab State Farmer’s Commission (PSFC) that sale of  Twenty insecticides which have harmful affect on the human beings and environmental sustainability / economic viability has been banned from sale.

Keeping in views of the recommendations of the Registration Committee as well as PAU and PSFC, the sale of insecticides has been  mentioned in the schedule given below are supposed to be discontinued in the state immediately .

The twenty insectides which are prohibited are :

1. Phosphamidon

2. Tricholorofon

3. Benfuracarb

4. Dicofol

5. Methomyl

6. Thiophanate Methyl

7. Endoculfan

8. Bifenthrin

9. Carbosulfan

10. Chlorfenapyr

11. Dazomet

12. Diflubenzuron

13. Fenitrothion

14. Metaldehyde

15. Kasugamycin

16. Ethofenprox

17. Phorate

18. Triazophos

19. Alachlor

20. Monocrotophos


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