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Aqgromalin expands to North-East India; makes Animal Husbandry and Aquaculture input materials available for farmers across the country

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Aqgromalin, one of the fastest-growing farm diversification integrators based in South India has recently announced the expansion of its delivery services to Assam. Being a tech-enabled farm diversification startup, it aims at increasing the accessibility of Animal Husbandry and Aquaculture input materials to farmers in all major parts of the country. 

Presently, there are a limited number of hatcheries in India due to which the majority of farmers deal with middlemen to procure the input materials for Animal Husbandry and Aquaculture. Additionally, the sector of animal husbandry and aquaculture input materials is highly unorganized. Thus, the expansion of Aqgromalin’s delivery services to Assam (and other cities of the country) leads the farmers towards diversification while making the practice of animal husbandry and aquaculture seamless for farmers across the country.  

Commenting on the expansion, Prasanna Manogaran, CEO/Co-Founder of Aqgromalin said, “The accessibility to input material is the first step towards diversification. We are delighted to address the shortcomings of the market by making the accessibility of input materials for Animal Husbandry and Aquaculture farmers across the country. In the coming 3 months, we also look forward to PAN India expansion.” 

Aqgromalin has already started delivering from Tamil Nadu to other major cities like Assam, NCR, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Bengal. The company takes less than 24 hours to deliver the input materials from Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu to Guwahati, Assam by air. Besides North-East India, the company will also be able to reach out to other cities in the country.  

The company’s move to expand delivery services provides farmers the ability to order from any part of the country and get their inputs delivered. So far, Aqgromalin has delivered old ducklings, turkey chicks and other varieties of chicken in Assam. This further gives the farmers access to a wide variety of products and removes the geographical barriers by making a particular livestock available in other cities.  

Recently, Aqgromalin has also launched a B2B app – AQAI to make the availability and accessibility of live input materials and technical instruments easy for farmers. Backed by IoT and AI, Aqgromalin is the first player in the agri-tech industry to roll out an app exclusively for animal husbandry and aquaculture farmers. It brings transparency in terms of pricing and quality of materials for farmers. 

AQAI app has crossed 30,000 plus registrations with an average of 50+ orders per day.  

Farmers can place their orders through Aqgromalin’s website, AQAI app, Indiamart and other local dealers.  

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