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Argentina's Agriculture Attaché Mariano Beheran visits KJ Chaupal

Agriculture Attaché from Argentina Mariano Beheran highlighted gender equality and various concerns during a visit to KJ Chaupal at Krishi Jagran.

Shivangi Rai
MC Dominic, CEO Krishi Jagran,  Mariano Beheran, Argentina's Agriculture Attaché, Shiny Dominic, Director Krishi Jagran (L-R)
MC Dominic, CEO Krishi Jagran, Mariano Beheran, Argentina's Agriculture Attaché, Shiny Dominic, Director Krishi Jagran (L-R)

Mariano Beheran, the Agriculture Attaché at the Embassy of Argentina, in a recent visit to the Krishi Jagran office, shed light on the deepening connection between India and Argentina in the realm of agriculture.

M C Dominic, Editor in Chief, Krishi Jagran, introduced Mr. Beheran, who is himself a son of a farmer, saying, “He has lived with farmers and has worked with the farming organization. Later, he joined the government sector, where also he took care of agriculture. This is truly inspirational," he said.

Mariano Beheran, Agriculture Attaché, Embassy of Argentina while addressing the KJ Chaupal said, “I came here to India with my wife and
decided to come here and explore the agriculture field. I went to Chennai to the Swaminathan Institute, where I saw women working in the agricultural fields, which is a rare sight in Argentina, where most farmers are men. I want to raise awareness about women in agriculture," he said while appreciating the Indian agricultural industry. 


The Agriculture Attaché also addressed the global concern of climate change, highlighting its recurring presence on the agenda of the G20
summits, including the recent one in New Delhi. Also, he commended India's initiative to promote the International Year of
Millets and resilient crops.

Mr Beheran concluded by emphasizing the need for increased collaboration between India and Argentina, acknowledging India's capacity and capability to make significant strides in agriculture. He underlined the importance of working together to tackle the common challenges faced
by both nations in the agricultural sector.

This insightful exchange at the KJ Chaupal underscored the growing synergy and mutual learning opportunities in agriculture between India
and Argentina while shedding light on key areas that require attention and cooperation.

Lastly, he said that there are a lot of things that need to be done in both countries - and for that, we need to collaborate more as India has the capability and ability to do so.

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