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BharatRohan and AgHub-PJTSAU Collaborate to Develop Hyperspectral Libraries for Paddy and Cotton Crop

BharatRohan is an Ag-tech firm based in India, specializing in empowering farmers through advanced UAV-based decision support systems utilizing Hyperspectral Imaging technology.

Shivam Dwivedi
BharatRohan and AgHub-PJTSAU Collaborate to Develop Hyperspectral Libraries for Paddy and Cotton Crop
BharatRohan and AgHub-PJTSAU Collaborate to Develop Hyperspectral Libraries for Paddy and Cotton Crop

BharatRohan, a leading provider of hyperspectral imaging-enabled drone-based crop monitoring services, has embarked on a groundbreaking co-innovation partnership with AgHub, the agricultural innovation hub of Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University (PJTSAU). This strategic collaboration aims to foster a culture of co-innovation and collaboration, facilitating advancements through synergies between Agritech startups and agricultural scientists.

Enhancing Research and Development with AgHub

The partnership between BharatRohan and AgHub is geared towards bolstering research and development efforts, particularly in the realm of hyperspectral imaging for crops. The primary objective is to develop a spectral library to revolutionize pest and disease detection in paddy and cotton crops. By harnessing BharatRohan's expertise in hyperspectral imaging technology, the initiative aims to mitigate losses caused by pests such as the Brown Plant Hopper and Pink Bollworm, as well as diseases like rice blast and boll rot. It is estimated that these advancements could potentially increase yields by 20-30%, offering significant benefits to farmers.

Empowering Farmers Through Technology

Amandeep Panwar, Co-founder of BharatRohan, emphasized the significance of this partnership in empowering farmers. By leveraging hyperspectral technology, the collaboration aims to provide farmers with invaluable insights that can lead to healthier crops, reduced input costs, and enhanced yields. Through collaboration with AgHub and PJTSAU, BharatRohan reaffirms its commitment to sustainable and prosperous agriculture.

Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Farming

The collaboration between BharatRohan and AgHub integrates innovative hyperspectral imaging and advanced drone technology, setting a new standard for early detection and intervention in crop management. By enhancing detection algorithms and the Hyperspectral Decision Support System, the partners are paving the way for more sustainable farming practices and healthier crops. Akshay Mehta, Remote Sensing Engineer at BharatRohan, highlighted the importance of early detection and precise interventions in crop management, signaling a shift towards more proactive agricultural practices.

While the initial focus is on paddy and cotton crops, the partnership between BharatRohan and AgHub aims to expand its scope to include a wider variety of crops in the long term. This forward-thinking approach not only addresses current agricultural challenges but also contributes to global goals of food security and sustainable farming. Kalpana Sastry, MD of AgHub, emphasized the pioneering nature of this collaboration, which opens doors for research institutes and universities to collaborate with Agritech startups in the innovation space.

Commitment to Innovation and Farmer Welfare

Vijay Nadiminti, CEO & Director of AgHub, expressed enthusiasm for the innovative Co-innovation program with BharatRohan, highlighting its potential to revolutionize Agritech innovation. Beyond technological advancements, the partnership signifies a commitment to enhancing farmer welfare and promoting environmental sustainability. By equipping farmers with the necessary tools and knowledge, BharatRohan and AgHub are spearheading a new era in crop management and sustainable agriculture.

This collaboration exemplifies the power of partnerships between Agritech startups and research institutions in driving meaningful innovation and addressing modern agriculture's challenges. Through collaborative efforts, the agriculture sector can embrace technology-driven solutions that enhance productivity, profitability, and sustainability for farmers worldwide.

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