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Corteva Agriscience launches new fungicides for cereals in Europe

Nikita Arya
Nikita Arya

Corteva Agriscience recently announced that it has come up with its first European product registration within the Inatreq active family of fungicides. Questar fungicide with Inatreq active has been approved for sale in France. A new, naturally derived variety of fungicide, Questar offers market-leading solutions to fungi-related issues in plants and other protectant control measures on all Septoria strains that will be supporting a long-term sustainable fungicide strategy on farms.

The farmers can avail of the product in France in late 2020 for the 2021 growing season. The next country registrations for the same product are anticipated in the next year. Through this product, the farmers will get new disease control solutions for cereal. The company plans to register the product in the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark and, subsequently, all relevant European markets.

Commenting on the France registration, Jean-Philippe Legendre, France director, Corteva Agriscience said, “Ultimately, this new solution will help control Septoria, the biggest disease affecting wheat yields and of greatest concern to farmers. Resulting from the pioneering work of Corteva Agriscience researchers, this new fungicide will meet the challenges of sustainable management and respond to our farmers’ desire for innovation to help them better protect their crops.”

 “Inatreq is the latest solution coming from our robust pipeline of innovative technologies,” says Susanne Wasson, President, Crop Protection Business Platform, Corteva Agriscience, about the product. “We’re excited to continue building on our portfolio of natural products. Thanks to the natural origin of Inatreq, we also are meeting European consumer demands for more sustainably produced food,” added Wasson.

Apart from offering protectant control, Inatreq also provides revolutionary biology performance with its unique target site for Septoria. It also provides farmers with a new tool to help control the disease with its no cross-resistance technology to existing cereal fungicide chemistries. Through this product, the farmers in France will also be able to benefit from its flexible application characteristics and broad-spectrum performance.

This revolutionary product has an active substance that also protects bananas from the key disease Black Sigatoka. There are several countries in the world including Belize, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Ivory Coast, and Panama, where the product like Kyventiq fungicide with Inatreq have been registered for use on bananas.

Corteva Agriscience has been a pioneer in preserving and protecting the interests of farmers across the world. The company is a global leader in providing solutions for a balanced and diverse mix of seed, crop protection and other solutions related to maximization of productivity and yield. With a worldwide presence, the company is actively working on making collaborations with other organizations and government bodies to put its contribution to the world of agriculture.

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