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Garuda Aerospace Makes History as 1st Indian Company to Secure Agri-Drone Subsidy

As part of the government's efforts to promote the use of agricultural drones, Garuda Aerospace, a Made in India drone startup, has become the country's first to get a subsidy for manufacturing agri-drones.

Shivam Dwivedi
Garuda Aerospace Makes History as 1st Indian Company to Secure Agri-Drone Subsidy
Garuda Aerospace Makes History as 1st Indian Company to Secure Agri-Drone Subsidy

Garuda Kisan Drones were distributed to eight farmers at an event in Pune as part of this programme. Drone distributors from all around Maharashtra attended the event.

"We congratulate Garuda Aerospace for becoming the first drone company to avail the Agri Drone Subsidy for eight farmers who have chosen to purchase DGCA-approved Type Certified Garuda Kisan Drone," stated Vishnu Salve, Director of Maharashtra State Agriculture Department, at the occasion.

“Your unique technologies and solutions have helped and benefited a large number of farmers in Maharashtra and across the country. Your dedication to increasing crop yield, reducing crop damage, and promoting sustainable agriculture practises has benefited the entire farming community," he added.

Farmers can use DGCA-approved Garuda Kisan drones to manage and monitor crop health, as well as detect and identify areas that require water or fertiliser. They can also spray herbicides and fertilisers on crops, reducing manual labour and enhancing efficiency. Because of the subsidies, Garuda Aerospace will expand its operations and make its drones more available to farmers around the country.

"We are thrilled to be the first company to receive this subsidy for our agricultural drones," stated Agnishwar Jayaprakash, Founder and CEO of Garuda Aerospace. Our drones have already shown to be a game changer in agriculture, and this subsidy will allow us to reach many more farmers across India. Drones in agriculture are still in their infancy in India; our goal is to revolutionise and promote the use of drone technology in agriculture."

This incentive is only one of many steps launched by the Indian government to help the country's drone industry grow. Farmers will gain from this not only by making their tasks easier and more efficient, but also by increasing agricultural yield and decreasing food waste.

"On behalf of the Maharashtra Department of Agriculture, I would like to express my heartfelt congratulations to Garuda Aerospace." We appreciate your commitment to assisting farmers in increasing crop output and promoting sustainable agriculture practises by deploying DGCA-approved Type Certified drones and DGCA-approved RPTO expertise. "

This effort aims to promote the use of agricultural drones in India in order to aid small-scale farmers. The government is attempting to encourage the adoption of this technology in order to assist farmers in increasing yields and lowering costs.

The Agri-Drone Subsidy represents a big advancement for Garuda Aerospace and the drone sector in general. With government support, Garuda Aerospace has the ability to greatly impact the agriculture sector and help India become a leader in drone technology.

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