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Massey Ferguson Launches New 5S Tractor Series

AGCO's Massey Ferguson brand has announced the launch of a freshly revamped small 5S tractor line, aimed at cattle and hay producers.

Chintu Das
5S Series
5S Series

After the debut of the new 8S tractor series last week, AGCO's Massey Ferguson brand has introduced a freshly revamped small 5S tractor line, aimed at livestock farmers and hay producers. 

The 5S Series will make its premiere this week at the 2021 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois, from August 31 to September 2, 2021, and will be available for purchase and delivery in 2022. For hay and cattle farmers, the new series provides excellent value and possibilities. The models will be available in three models ranging from 115 to 145 HP. 

“The simple and reliable 5S offers greater agility and adaptability, making it the perfect choice for operations on the farm, in the field, or on the road,” says Darren Parker, vice president of Massey Ferguson North America. “With its high-performance driveline, excellent levels of usability, and extensive range of equipment and choices, the 5S truly outperforms the competition. It's capable of taking on any challenge or task you throw at it on your farm.” 

The 5S is intended for optimum comfort, with simple operation, excellent visibility, and high power in every application. The series has efficient drivelines that promise to increase productivity while lowering operating costs, all while offering increased power and torque. 

Last month, TAFE launched Massey Ferguson 7235; a Commercial and Haulage Special Tractor for UP. 

“The 5S is a genuine utility player on the farm, with significant power, maximum agility, well-engineered quality, and a new distinct style”, according to Parker. 

The 5S Series has an easy-to-reach cab with big windows and a short, steep-nosed bonnet for improved vision. Advanced ergonomics and a redesigned armrest design make it easy to access controls, while new front axle suspension guarantees a smooth ride. Operators may pick the finest choice for their convenience and functionality from a wide variety of specifications offered through Classic and Deluxe trims. Working at night is made easier with the addition of an optional LED light kit. 

The AGCO Power 4-cylinder, 4.4-liter engine in the 5S Series uses the compact All-in-One after treatment system to meet Tier 4 Final pollution regulations. All versions have higher power and torque while using less fuel and DEF. An electronic wastegate turbocharger boosts performance while lowering pollution. 

For smooth shifting, the 5S Series utilizes proven transmission technology with either the Dyna-4 (16x16) or Dyna-6 (24x24). Super-Eco function reaches 40 kph at a low 1,530 RPM, reducing fuel consumption and improving driving comfort. 

It has a wide range of hydraulic systems that offer open and closed center systems with flow rates of up to 15-29 gallons per minute, allowing it to operate quicker with more tools. Double your lifting capacity with the improved front linkage design, which can lift up to 6,600 pounds, and the stronger back linkage, which can lift up to 10,300 pounds. 

The 5S provides outstanding pressure, flow, and responsiveness by combining great mobility with a choice of three hydraulic systems. With its compact console and thin steep-nose hood, the series also gives excellent visibility. 

The left-hand Power Control lever changes direction, speeds, and chooses neutral, while the loader is controlled by a variety of joysticks that also change direction and speeds. 

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