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Best Mini Tractors in India

The most popular tractor for farmers in India is the mini tractor for agriculture. Nowadays, there is a mini tractor trend in agriculture, particularly for performing various intercultural tasks. In this article, we have listed some of the best mini tractors available in India.

Shruti Kandwal
Listed below are some of the best mini tractors available in India for handling small land labor
Listed below are some of the best mini tractors available in India for handling small land labor

The best farming vehicles in India for handling small land labor and small-acre agricultural land are called mini tractors. With the help of mini tractors, farmers can easily complete their tasks on a farm. The field performance of these small tractors is unmatched, enhancing a farmer's yields.

So, to help farmers choose right tractors, we will talk about seven most efficient agricultural mini tractors in this article:

Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT

The first Mahindra mini tractor in the Asian nation's republic is the Yuvraj-215 NXT. First 15-power unit tractor in India. A single-cylinder, cool vertical engine with 863.5 ccs of power and good performance is fitted in the Mahindra mini tractor 15hp.

The Yuvraj-215 NXT mini tractor is perfect for use in orchards and between two crop rows for a range of intercultural applications.

Its appearance and elegance are appealing and cool. The Mahindra Yuvraj-215 NXT mini tractor has been specifically created for a variety of fruits and vegetables, including potatoes, onion, cotton, sugarcane, and other vegetables and fruits.

John Deere 3028EN

The manufacturing of John Deere tractors uses top-notch engineering and assembly. Due to their small size, their mini tractors have become more and more popular among Indian farmers. The slender and stylish John Deere 3028 EN is one of this brand's best mini tractors.

The following list includes some of the features that make this model popular:

  • Engine Type: This tractor has a 28 HP engine with 3 cylinders and an engine speed rating of 2800 RPM.

  • Fuel Capacity: It comes with a fuel tank capacity of 32 L.

  • Weight and Dimensions: The tractor weighs around 1070 kg and can lift 910 kg. Additionally, it has a 2520 mm and a 1060 mm overall width.

  • Agricultural Implementation: The ideal applications for this tractor are in intercultural operations, vegetable crops, and vineyards.

Sonalika GT 26 Rx

The new Sonalika GT 26 Rx micro tractor, which has the same basic length as any garden tractor, is easy to operate and quick to move even in confined spaces. Sonalika's 26 hp Sonalika mini tractor is a small but powerful machine that can do several municipal tasks as well as broad garden and yard tasks including the handling of sunshine material, cutting the grass and agriculture.

The three-cylinder, strong engine in the Sonalika GT 26 Rx small tractor produces 2700 engine-rated RPM.

The steering system, oil-immersed brakes, and sliding mesh transmission are its main options. For Indian farmers, the price of the Sonalika mini tractor is quite affordable.

Farmtrac Atom 26

All choices and advantages of big tractors are available with the Farmtrac Atom 26 mini tractor. The Farmtrac 26 HP compact tractor has three cylinders and a 2700 RPM engine-rated speed. The ADDC-750 unit's lifting capacity implies the ability to pull a variety of devices.

This tractor has a variety of features that make farming exceptionally simple. With its high torsion of 80 Nm to carry out all activities with ease and its good device horsepower to effectively drive all implements, the Farmtrac Atom 26 mini tractor offers stunning power.

It is a class-leading mini tractor that offers all of the features and benefits of a large tractor. It offers excellent performance and a durable silver color body for daily usage.

Mahindra JIVO 245 DI

The Mahindra Jivo 245 DI mini tractor features outstanding choices and modernized technologies in addition to the brand's hallmark of dependability and confidence.

The Mahindra mini tractor 24 hp is equipped with the finest DI engine, which improves the machine's functionality and, in turn, the torsion, increasing each kind's operating potential. Automated draft and depth management (ADDC) is a very valuable tool, especially for Indian Farmers, since it makes it easier to install farm tools like cultivators and harvesters.

With its maximum torsion of 86 Nm to easily complete all tasks and therefore the top power takeoff HP to effectively drive all tools, the Mahindra mini tractor offers unmatched power.

Swaraj 717

Swaraj 717 is the most dependable and user-friendly Swaraj mini tractor model. The 15-horsepower Swaraj 717 mini tractor has a 2300 RPM speed. The tractor's best characteristics are its dry disc brakes. 780 kg of lifting capability and 2WD tyres are available.

It is an oil bath-style water-cooled air filter. The 6 Forward + 3 Reverse gearbox on this Swaraj mini tractor allows for comfortable operation.

VST Shakti MT 270 Viraat 4WD Plus

Shakti MT 270 Viraat 4WD Plus, a 4-wheel drive tractor from VST, with unmatched multitasking capability. As a result, those seeking cheap mini tractors can depend on this tractor with certainty.

Some of the features are listed below:

Engine Type: It features a 27 HP engine with 4 cylinders producing an engine-rated RPM of 2800.

Fuel Capacity: The model has an 18 L fuel tank.

Weight and Lifting Capacity: It weighs 900 kg and has a lifting capability of 1000 kg. This model's overall measurements are 1130 mm in width by 2360 mm in length.

Agricultural Implementation: The tractor works best for inter-row cultivation, carrying loads, farming, haulage, etc.

USP: The tractor's 4-cylinder, the overhead-valve diesel engine gives it strength and improves its outputs. Additionally, its ground to SIP size (1087 mm) and tyre dimensions (870 / 1030 mm front and 920 /1130 mm rear) are suitable for inter-row cultivation.

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