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Best and Cheapest Mini Tractors for All Types of Farming

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher
Swaraj 717
Swaraj 717

Cheapest Mini Tractors: Amid Corona crisis, the economic condition of the people has deteriorated. It has not only affected the poor but the rich as well. However, poor farmers have been affected the most. In this regard, the government and many companies have come forward to help the farmers. Many schemes have been run by the government for the farmers. Many big companies like TAFE have provided tractors to poor farmers for free farming, as currently, no agricultural work can be possible without a tractor.

Do Top Most Profitable Farming with These Cheapest Mini Tractors

Different types of tractors have been launched by various companies in the markets keeping in mind these basic requirements of farmers. One of those tractors is a mini tractor. Here we will tell you about some mini tractors which are available in the market at a very affordable price & are very helpful in agricultural operations.

Yuvraj-215 NXT
Yuvraj-215 NXT

Double your income through these cheapest mini tractors:

1. Yuvraj-215 NXT

Yuvraj-215 NXT is India's first 15 power unit tractor. The Mahindra Mini Tractor 15hp is equipped with a single-cylinder cool vertical engine which generates 863.5 ccs of power. It is economical as well as performs well. It also helps in intercultural farming operation. The tractors look and elegance square is beautiful and attractive. This mini tractor is specially designed for the cultivation of fruits and vegetables like potatoes, onions, cotton, sugarcane, apples, mangoes and oranges. Its price ranges from Rs 2.50 - 2.75 lakhs.

2. Mahindra Jivo 245DI

This mini tractor easily performs all kinds of agricultural tasks. It has unmatched power with a peak torque of 86 Nm and known for best mileage and low maintenance in its range. Its price ranges from from 3.90 to 4.05 Lakh. Mahindra Jivo 245DI sturdy metal body gives excellent performance for use in places such as bumpy. It also has a high capacity to lift 750 kg. 4- Wheel drive for better traction and good ability to pull various implants.

3. Swaraj 717

This cheapest mini tractor is reliable, easy to use and comes with 15 HP 2300 RPM. Dry disc brakes are the best feature of Swaraj 717 tractor having lift capacity of 780 kg and wheel drive 2WD. It has an easy gear shift to operate as a 6 forward + 3 reverse gear box. Its price ranges from Rs 2.60 - 2.85 Lakh which is the most affordable in the Mini Tractor category.

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