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Kubota Launched Incentive Scheme To Increase Tractor Warranty Hours

Kubota has launched a warranty incentive scheme that increases the amount of hours customers choose when buying a new tractor.

Chintu Das
Kubota Tractor
Kubota Tractor

Kubota has launched a new warranty incentive scheme that increases the number of hours customers choose when buying a new tractor. The 'Work Smarter' upgrade is available to M4003, M5002, and M6001 Utility models, according to the manufacturer, and lets customers benefit from an automatic increase of warranty hours under the Kubota Care scheme.

For M4003, M5002, and M6001 Utility models purchased before June 30, 2022, the Work

"For example, if a consumer purchases a five-year, 2,000-hour warranty package, we will increase it to five years and 4,000 hours at no additional expense."

"For these models, purchasing 3,000 hours of protection will result in a maximum of 5,000 hours of Kubota Care."

We already have one of the best Kubota care packages on the market.

Tim Yates, Kubota's agricultural and ground care sales manager, said, "We have a lot of trust in the reliability of our M-series tractors, and this latest offer should give consumers certainty that they're buying into the finest of Japanese engineering."

Recently, Kubota introduced their all-new L3302 And L3902 Compact Tractors With Premium Features. Kubota is bringing many of the hydraulic advancements and features of premium machines to a new generation of compact tractors with the introduction of two new tractors to the company's historic L Series compact tractors.

Both gear drive and hydrostatic transmissions are offered on the Kubota L3302 and L3902 four-wheel-drive variants. Fast travel speeds and forward/reverse control are provided by the hydrostatic transmission, which is operated by merely pressing down on the floor pedal.

The hydrostatic variants additionally have a separate PTO that may be engaged using a switch. With eight forward and eight reverse speeds, the gear-drive transmission delivers a wide range of pulling torque and tractive effort.

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