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Top 5 Force Tractor Models In India; Price and Specifications

India’s top 5 Force models and the Force tractor price list and specifications.

Chintu Das
Force Orchard DLX LT Tractor
Force Orchard DLX LT Tractor

Force tractor provides high-efficiency engines at a low cost. Furthermore, all Force tractor models feature a modern, elegant style that appeals to farmers. As a result, purchasing the Force tractor model is the ideal option for completing agricultural and commercial duties. 

Force tractors are the most recent generation of tractors, and they are available in all tractor categories. Farmers love these tractors because of their dependability and longevity. By providing superior Force tractor models and good customer care, Force has earned the trust of Indian farmers. 

India’s Top 5 Force Models & Price List

Force Orchard DLX LT 

Force ORCHARD DLX LT is a robust mini tractor that's popular in Indian markets. It has eight forward and four backward gears, fully oil-immersed multi-plate sealed disc brakes, excellent fuel economy, and excellent performance with effective results. This tractor is powered by a 1947 CC strong engine that produces 27 HP, 3 cylinders, and 2200 ERPM. Price starts from ₹ 5,27,987 Ex-Showroom

Force Sanman 5000 

Force SANMAN 5000 tractor is designed to provide the highest performance and versatility for your farming and commercial operations. The tractor's quality, engineering, and features allow it to perform effectively on both smooth and difficult terrain. It features three cylinders with 45-horsepower and a water-cooled system that successfully handles difficult farm tasks. It has a strong and ultimate engine with fully oil immersed multi plate sealed disc brakes and operates at 2200 ERPM. With a lifting capacity of 1450 kg, the Force SANMAN 5000 also has 8 forward and 4 reverse gears. Price starts from ₹ 7,25,215 Ex-Showroom

Force Balwan 500 

Force BALWAN 500 is the ideal tractor for hassle-free farming since it works with ease and comfort. This Force BALWAN 500 tractor features a powerful and durable engine that can handle a variety of farm activities. With 50 horsepower, four cylinders, a multi-plate oil-immersed disc brake, and eight forward and four reverse gears, it delivers exceptional performance. It also operates at 2600 RPM, thanks to the 2596 CC strong engine. This tractor is increasingly popular among farmers because of the best combination of these components. Price starts from ₹ 7,42,546 Ex-Showroom. 

Force Orchard Mini 

Force ORCHARD MINI boasts a 27 HP engine that delivers the greatest agricultural results and performance. It's the ideal all-around multi-purpose mini tractor for orchards, gardens, and small farms. The ORCHARD MINI has three cylinders, 16 forward + 4 reverse, with a displacement of 1947 CC, producing 2200 ERPM. Its multiplate sealed disc brakes are entirely oil submerged and prevent the tractor from slipping. Price starts from ₹ 5,05,165 Ex-Showroom

Force Sanman 6000 

Force SANMAN 6000 tractor is a great tractor with a lot of great features. This tractor is an exceptional package with many innovative technical solutions, making it more demanding. It has a strong engine with 3 cylinders, 50 HP, 8 forward + 4 reverse gears, and 2200 ERPM.

It also includes a forced water cooling system and a dry type air filter. The completely oil-immersed multi disc brakes of the SANMAN 6000 tractor aid to avoid slippage and provide a solid grip. Price starts from ₹ 7,77,271 Ex-Showroom.  

Prices Source - https://www.forcemotors.com/prices

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