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OutGrow App: The Smart Solution For All Real-Time Issues of Farmers

OutGrow app is an application that serves as a stop point for all farming needs from sowing to harvesting.

Shivani Meena

The Outgrow  App is an informative, multilingual, easy, and intuitive app that gives real-time updates and information on various aspects of agriculture.  In an Agriculture dominant nation like India, farmers face many challenges, but with the constant advancement of technology every passing day, farmers can reach out and express their grievances.

Through Outgrow, farmers can get complete information related to agriculture. The Outgrow is designed by thinking about real-time issues faced by farmers. The app is enabled with location-based Mandi/Market Prices, weather forecast, AI-powered Crop health, Crop information, Pests and diseases, soil testing, and Agri Expert Consultation.

What are the Important Features & characteristics of Outgrow App?

Easy and intuitive

With an improvised and easier user interface, the app is easy to use and gives the best user experience, and with the use of infographics, Outgrow sets a benchmark in farmers' experience.


With India being the most diversified country and each state having its unique language, we enabled Outgrow with 6 languages: English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Marathi.

Mandi Price

Outgrow is enabled with real-time mandi prices to help farmers to plan post-harvest sales.

Weather Forecast

Being weather a critical element in agricultural practices, we enabled Outgrow with detailed weather. Weather features give critical information like rain forecast, humidity, temperature, and daily and hourly predictions.

AI Crop Health

Our Artificial Intelligence-powered Crop health feature helps farmers in identifying the health of crops. This helps farmers in curing and taking precautions.

Crop information

With detailed information on over 100+ crops, farmers have access to complete the information needed at every stage of cultivation.

Pests and diseases

The App is now enabled with over 500 pests and diseases and preventive measures, which make farmers' lives easier to take the right preventive step at the right time.

Soil test

The app is now enabled with automatic soil testing services that help farmers understand soil health right on their farmland. This also enables the farmer to know about the health of the soil within a couple of days and plan the farm inputs accordingly.

Agri experts:

With the app being available in 6 languages, it is now enabled with IVR (interactive voice response), which will help farmers communicate with Argi experts in their regional language.

To know more about Outgrow click on the link -


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