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Sakhi: Women of Rajasthan Choose to Challenge the Stereotypes of Dairy Business

Sakhi Mahila Milk Producer Company choose to challenge the stereotypical views on women and set an example of women empowerment in Rajasthan.

Shipra Singh
Sakhi Mahila Milk Producer Company
Sakhi Mahila Milk Producer Company

Mewat is a historical area of Rajasthan known for its underdeveloped livelihood system and cultural isolation. The chief livelihood of over 2/3 of the population here is agriculture. Out of this, more than 80% is made of small and marginal farmers. Milk is something that is produced here in almost every household. No wonder to starting dairy business is highly lucrative here and was recognized as a regular revenue creator for the womenfolk.  

Women of Mewat are deeply involved in cattle rearing and milk business, but the local “dudhiya” or private milk vendors used to exploit them by buying milk from them at a less competitive price. To overcome these challenges and to give women a substantial business for their livelihood, Tata Dairy Mission, DHANI (Dairy Health and Nutritive Initiative India), and NDS (NDDB Dairy Services) joined hands to empower women of Mewat and facilitate them with proper resources, infrastructure, and training so that they have the right information about the market.  

How Sakhi was started? 

Sakhi Mahila Milk Producer Company came into existence on November 12, 2016. On the very day of inception, the company collected 536 KGPD milk from 137 women milk producer members.  

At present, they are procuring 1.51 lakh KGPD milk from over 28,000 active women share holder members. The company’s paid up share capital is Rs. 332 lakh. It is increasing with the increase in memberships.  

Sakhi believes in the progress of its members. That’s why the company constantly delivers information about cattle health and other such subjects that help women members increase their daily milk quantities by having healthier cattle, knowing what to do if cattle suffers, and becoming more aware of the market price trends.  

Achievements of Sakhi so far 

  • In the beginning, the company had just 137 members. Today, there are 28,000 members and is increasing. 

  • Initially, the daily milk collections were around 536 kg per day. Today, the collections have increased to an impressive 1.51 lakh kg per day. 

  • The company started in Mewat (in Alwar and Bharatpur districts). It has spread its wings to Jhunjhunu and Churu districts of Shekhawati

Products of Sakhi 

1. Sakhi Ghee

Sakhi Ghee is the first dairy product of the company. It was launched on May 16, 2020. This was as a response to the strong demand from the members to produce ghee, as it is the second largest consumed dairy product in India. The first is milk.  

2. Raw Buff Milk 

The company launched loose Raw Buff Milk through milk vending machines on January 1, 2021, in Alwar. This is an automatic dispensing machine.  

The company is working on developing a mobile app wherein customers can place their orders directly through the app.  

Sakhi has, no doubt, empowered women of Rajasthan. The vision of Sakhi is to become a brand name in the country.  

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