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SLCM Introduces 'Made in India' QC Mobile App For Agricultural Commodities

The AgriReach QC App's first commodity to be evaluated is wheat. The app is available for free download on the Google Play Store for Android smartphones. The SLCM Group originally targets for a test result accuracy of 90%.

Chintu Das
Sandeep Sabharwal
Sandeep Sabharwal

On the occasion of the 2021 Navratra’s, agro logistics giant Sohan Lal Commodity Management Pvt. Ltd (SLCM) announced the formal launch of the beta version of their patented AgriReach quality check mobile application for agricultural commodities for user input and evaluation.

The app's capabilities will gradually be extended to cover other key food grains and pulses such as chana (chickpea), maize, rice, guar (cluster bean), moong, and tur (pigeon pea) over time, after it was first released for wheat, which is a staple food grain in most regions of India.

The "AgriReach Mobile Quality Check App," a world first for food grains, allows users to receive an on-the-spot assessment of a commodity's sample in minutes without having to utilise equipment such as a sieve, weighing scale, or carry it to a lab for testing.

Sandeep Sabharwal, CEO of the SLCM Group, spoke at the event and stated, "At the start of the festive season in 2021, it gives me immense pleasure to officially launch the ground-breaking AgriReach Mobile Quality Check App for a 360-degree evaluation by a cross-section of stakeholders, including processors, traders, exporters, importers, government agencies, and financial institutions such as banks." Our in-house team of specialists spent four years conducting an extensive study to develop this first-of-its-kind solution. The test findings are unaffected by the overall sample weight since they are based on the image of the sample. The app's release is part of our commitment to deliver agritech solutions through the software as a service (SaaS) paradigm to our customers.”


It will be as simple as capturing an image to do a quality check using this app. Simply take a picture of a wheat sample and upload it to the app to have it analysed for numerous quality factors. In exchange, the customer will receive a quality report that evaluates the photographic evidence for details such as damaged, shrunken, shriveled, or immature grains, foreign matter, and a variety of other physical factors such as the commodity's height, length, grid, colour, and pattern.

Rakesh Kumar Rana, SLCM Group's Chief Business Officer (Digital Initiatives), elaborated on the app's technical aspects, saying,“The on-ground use of the AgriReach app is expected to greatly aid in improving the fidelity of commodity quality checks and disseminating the instantly obtained QC results in a secure and transparent environment to drastically reduce the turnaround time in comparison to the task being performed manually. Over a period of time, SLCM hopes to achieve up to 90% accuracy with the findings. Currently available in English, the interface's usefulness will be enhanced in the short and medium-term with the addition of many other commonly spoken Indian languages and other functions."

AgriReach Umbrella

Under the AgriReach umbrella, the QC app for agri commodities is the most recent addition to the solutions accessible to SLCM clients. In a nation like India, where post-harvest losses are estimated to be worth almost Rs 1 lakh crore, SLCM has helped decrease losses at warehousing facilities under its control to less than 0.5 percent. This was accomplished by implementing the AgriReach process management system. To ensure error-free outcomes and minimize the danger of harm to stored crops, the framework integrates a number of processes, audits, and real-time tracking of the facilities. 

SLCM has also started using the unique 'AgriSuraksha' solution, which integrates the newest internet of things (IoT)-based monitoring technology, to execute its warehousing contracts since April 2021. This allows for real-time monitoring and contact with employees at storage sites, regardless of infrastructures such as electricity availability or the fact that the grains may be stored in open ground with no roof on top.

Beta Disclaimer: AgriReach QC App

This is a beta version of the AgriReach Mobile Quality Check App, which is still undergoing final testing before its official release. Results may significantly vary in the final official release. The report is issued solely for the purpose of information and not for commercial purpose. We are not liable to users or any third-party for any action taken or not taken on the basis of AgriReach reports.

The result pertains to the tested digital sample image only. This information stated in this report is derived from the result of visual inspection and testing procedure carried out in accordance to the quality of the image taken by the user or assessment on the basis of technical standard, trade, custom or practice.

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