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Somani Kanak Seedz Receives Prestigious ABSA 2021 Agri Award

Somani Kanak Seedz got the prestigious ABSA 2021 agri award as the " Best vegetable Seed Company Innovation award".

Chintu Das
Somani Kanak Seedz Receiving the Award
Somani Kanak Seedz Receiving the Award

In recent years, the globalization of Indian agriculture has necessitated the manufacture of export-oriented, high-quality products with a competitive advantage.

Sustainable development has gained a lot of traction. The prestigious ABSA 2021 agri award for "Best vegetable Seed Company Innovation" was given to Somani Kanak Seedz. This award recognizes their ongoing efforts to develop and provide farmers with new, high-quality, high-performing products. 

Somani Seedz won the award for Best Vegetable Seed Innovation. 

1) Developed Hy Radish with an 8-month sowing window in the north and a 10-month sowing window in the south. 

2) Hy Carrot was developed with a five-month sowing window. 

3) Hy Cauliflower was developed with a three-month sowing window. 

These hybrids will assist farmers in boosting their income in a short period of time. 

“Seed is an important input and a dynamic tool for improving agricultural output. It has long been regarded as one of the most sought-after inputs for the green revolution in India and abroad. Not only in agriculture, but also in the country's economic well-being, the green revolution has brought wealth, stability, and confidence. Farmers in India have long recognized the importance of good seeds and have contributed to their enhancement through selection and nurturing,” said K.V Somani, Chairman & Managing Director. 

After doing extensive market research, it was discovered that, while the Indian vegetable seed market is expanding rapidly, there is still a significant gap between the availability of high-quality seeds and farmer demand. Farmers are still reliant on seed corporations' limited supplies.

Somani Kanak Seedz began serving the market by not only using Indian germplasm and technology but also by importing the best-in-class seeds from its international partners into India, he added. 

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