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Sonalika Creates Record, Crosses 1 Lakh Domestic Sales in Just 11 Months

Sonalika creates a record of having the highest domestic sales of tractor in a shorter period of time.

Shipra Singh
Executive Director of Sonalika Group Raman Mittal
Executive Director of Sonalika Group Raman Mittal

Sonalika Tractors creates a new record of excellence by reaching its highest cumulative domestic sales ever – 1,06,432 tractors in only 11 months. This is a 35.5% growth as compared to the same month last year. Through this, Sonalika has accomplished an important landmark of the fastest ever domestic sales achieved by any tractor company in India.  

Sonalika is the fastest growing manufacturer of tractors in India. Also, it is the number one brand for tractor exports in the country. The company has sold 11,821 tractors overall in the month of February 2021. It was only 9,650 tractors in February last year.  

The Executive Director of Sonalika Group, Raman Mittal, said with regard to achieving this outstanding performance, “I feel delighted in sharing that Sonalika has crossed the 1 lakh domestic tractor sales mark in just 11 months of FY’21. We have registered our highest ever domestic sales of 1,06,432 tractors and grown by a robust 35.5% compared to the similar (April-Feb) of FY’20. Cumulatively, we have clocked overall tractor sales of 1,26,433 units which also include exports.” 

He added, “our strategic decision to periodically launch customized tractors with advanced yet affordable technologies has powered us to register impressive performance month after month in FY’21.” 

He further added, “Sonalika has a team of dynamic individuals who continue to march ahead with enhanced intensity while remaining fully committed to increase farmer’s productivity and drive farm mechanization growth in the country.” 

Sonalika company has an arduous presence in more than 130 countries throughout the world. The company has access to pathbreaking technologies and is committed to introducing them in the Indian market in a cost-effective manner.  

The R&D team of Sonalika works tirelessly to manufacture revolutionizing tractors and tools that are customized according to farmers’ crops and geographies and that capitalize on the feedback provided by the farmers.  

The company is focused towards developing a state specific strategy. Sonalika is all set to introduce pathbreaking products in 2021 in its vertically integrated tractor manufacturing plant, which is regarded as world’s number one. These products will be customized for an exponential increase of the income level of farmers. At the same time, they will thrust the company towards its global visision of “Leading Agri Evolution.”  

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