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6 Best Performing Green Business Ideas You can Launch Today

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Green businesses are on a constant rise since people are continuously looking for ways to reduce impact on the environment. There are a plenty of ways you can reduce carbon footprint and go green with businesses. Some of them are these 6 green business ideas that are sure to help you in putting money in your bank account and at the same time could offset the carbon footprint that is constantly damaging the environment.  

Sell Green products 

Green products not only reduce the impact on the environment but can also provide relief to those that have health issues due to using products with toxic chemicals. Green products, such as cleaning products, provide safe and non-toxic choices for those who are not only concerned about the environment but also their health. Cash in on this green business by retailing these items which include green cleaning products, organic clothing, and all-natural makeup and body care products. Retailing can be as easy as selling products online or at a local farmer’s market. 

Make homes green 

As people start looking for methods to lessen their carbon footprint, many will flip to make adjustments in their homes with regard to electricity utilization and exhaust systems. Start a green business that assists others with going green in their homes. These types of businesses include installing green roofing to assist with energy costs, cleaning and installing filters on heating and air units to provide cleaner air, and even performing energy audits for consumers to find out other places they can go green and save money. 

Worm farming  

One of the best green businesses that can be done at home is worm farming. Worms are a valuable commodity to bait and tackle stores that cater to the needs of fishermen. In addition, worm farmers can sell kits online that include worms for creating a composting system for organic waste. The earthworms used for this earth-friendly system helps to convert waste into valuable fertilizer for plants and gardens. Not only is worm farming a super easy home business, but also it reduces the amount of waste in landfills. 

Make natural wax candles 

Another great green home business idea is making wax candles at home. Wax candles are a great business because the product is a consumable, which means customers will come back for more if they like the product. In addition, making wax candles provides customers with a natural candle that will not burn off chemicals or other harmful elements. These candles can be sold at fairs, craft shows, and gift shops. In addition, websites such as Etsy.com are a great place for candle makers to sell their products without ever leaving their homes. 

Bike repair business  

As strange as it may sound, with the increasing prices of gas, many individuals are turning to other forms of green transportation such as bikes, to commute. However, statistics are showing that many individuals are more likely to grab the old bike in their garage than go out and buy a brand new one. Due to this, the bike repair business is on the rise. This business can be easily started from home in a spare room or garage. Simply watch videos of professionals on YouTube, to learn how to repair and get started with your first client. 

Green information website 

Education is the key to understanding how to change a lifestyle and make it more environmentally friendly. Starting a green living informational website is one of the best business models a person can choose. This requires minimal start-up costs. All that is needed is a computer, the internet, and an informational platform such as WordPress or Joomla or another template-based blog site. Then, simply write informational articles that educate readers on becoming green and make money off the advertisements from Google or other advertising companies on these pages. 

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Rais Dar (author) is a passionate small business consultant, an experienced digital marketer and a web entrepreneur.  

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