7th National Agrochemicals Conference 2017

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Agriculture sector is  most important component of national economy. It supports above 50 percent of rural households and employs approximately 80 percent of economically active women in the country. As per Economic Survey of India 2016, India uses 2 to 4 times more water to produce a unit of major food crop than does China and Brazil. The survey also notes that in India, the farmers crop yield losses range from 15-25 percent owing to the presence of weeds/pests etc as also notes with concern of the use of sub-standard pesticides. India is still far behind major economies in terms of crop-yields and therefore, needs to adopt measures to increase its productivity so as to meet the needs of an ever-increasing population.

It is established that the judicious use of crop protection ,enhancement chemicals significantly enhance agricultural productivity. Besides there are other solutions such as bio-pesticides, bio-technology, Plasticulture/Fertigation, digital applications etc. Fertigation / Plasticulture enhance crop yields while at the same time facilitating judicious usage of pesticides/fertilizers and water .

FICCI jointly with Department of Agriculture Cooperation & Farmers Welfare and Department of Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Government of India is organizing the 7th National Agrochemicals Conference 2017 on 19th December 2017 at Federation House, New Delhi. The theme is Doubling the Farmers Income-Role of Crop Protection Chemicals & Solutions. The objective of the conference is:

- To facilitate `Ease of Doing Business` & Make in India,

- To encourage R&D, Innovations and application technologies,

- To understand farmers perspective and what they want from the stakeholders,

-To focus various crop protction solutions to enhance productivity, while protecting the environment & soil fertigation, and

- To bring the latest development in Science to the Farmers.

For participation, the interested may like to contact:

Shri P S Singh, Head, Chemicals & Petrochemicals FICCI, Federation House, 1 Tansen Marg, New Delhi 110001, Phone: 011-23316540, Ms Rinky Sharma, Assistant Director, 011-23487473 and Ms Renu Goyal, Executive Officer, 011-23487473 and also on emails:, and

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