800 kg Kichdi on Day 2 WORLD FOOD India 2017

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

“India, world’s first largest milk producer, second largest food grains producer and third largest country  with highest Purchasing Power Parity” these are few statements which have decorated the venue of WORLD FOOD INDIA 2017, WFI. Posters of Prime Minister Modi, and the various union ministers’ caught attention with their much attractive statements and vision about India and its future in the agriculture and food processing sector. Organized by the Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Government of India, WFI is the largest gathering of investors, manufacturers, producers, food processors, policy makers, and organizations from the global food ecosystem. It aims to provide opportunities for both investment and trade in the food processing sector for leading Indian and international companies.

20+  countries, 26+ Indian states and 50+ global CEOs spread across the arena of 40,000 sqm India Gate, New Delhi has made the event much more than successful. And the event was not quite concentrated to the corporate but Farmers, Entrepreneurs and everyone least or most related to agriculture made their presence at the event. 11 international business chambers, Ministerial and Business delegations from 18 countries were the highlights of the successful event.

The event has been divided into various blocks from A to J. One of the most vibrant and technologically sound was the DIGITAL THEME PAVILIONwhich showcased the utilities of super food and other products, FSSAI presented procedure to enter into food safety and nutritional food value chain and many such windows were there which enhanced the knowledge of the crowd.

Day 2 of World Food India, was mostly about  the SPECIAL KHICHDI by Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor. 800 Kg of Khichdi was to be prepared to make a world record and thus to be feed to others. Special tasting sessions, Chef & Food talks being curated Sanjeev Kapoor also took flight.

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