A day dedicated to turn waste into energy

India is an agrarian country. Agriculture plays a vital role in India’s economy. Around 60% of the Indian population is engaged in agriculture and allied activities. A huge amount of agro waste is generated in India every year which is either burnt or left to decay in open environment in an un-sustainable manner, which is highly undesirable. These agro residues have energy value and can be utilized in resolving power issues in the country in an environment friendly manner. Similarly, with the extent of population we have in India, amount of municipal solid waste is being generated is humongous. Mostly these wastes are dumped in an un-segregated manner in the dump yard and left to decay. They emit methane which is a Greenhouse gas and can be used for power generation. Wastes, irrespective of their source of generation, are creating a serious threat to human well-being apart from disrupting the ecology. There is an urgent need to convert and utilise these wastes into useful energy.

As India’s energy demand continues to rise, it is strategically developing diverse renewable and other domestic energy resources as part of a robust energy portfolio for the long term energy security. Pursuit of this national energy strategy has raised awareness that India’s Agro-waste and waste streams contain too much sustainable energy and will play crucial role in mix energy basket. To accelerate the growth of waste to energy sector, IFGE is planning to organize conference on “Potential of Waste in Energy Generation and its Challenges” in India. The Conference will act as a platform for knowledge sharing and highlighting best practices for energy generation through various wastes as also networking amongst entrepreneurs, technology providers, government agencies, funding agencies, industry associations, etc. to promote the Waste to Energy sector across the country.


  1. Highlight major regulatory issues of the industry to Policy makers and Government Agencies
  2. Extent the New Biofuel Policy is resolving prevalent issues
  3. Creating awareness about the Energy Generation Potential & Opportunities Energy Generation of the different waste amongst the target stakeholder group.
  4. Present & Future Technologies development in the market for Waste to Energy
  5. Role of Waste to Energy in Bio-circular Economy
  6. Future Potential and Opportunities in Waste to Energy sector
  7. Awareness creation among future entrepreneurs through successful case studies

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