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A Rs 1 Coin Can Make You Earn Over 2.5 Lakh; Read to Know How?

KJ Staff
KJ Staff
1 rupees coin
1 Rupees Coin

You can earn millions of rupees if you have a Rs 1 coin that was minted in 1985 with an H mark on it. According to sources, a Rs 1 coin struck in 1985 with the H symbol might fetch Rs 2.5 lakh. A few years ago, one of these coins was auctioned for such a high amount.

All Indian currency mints, as well as certain foreign mints, issued the 1 rupee 1985 coin. It should be noted that this currency design has been in circulation since 1982, with the last pieces being struck in 1991. These coins weighed 4.85 grams and were made of ferritic stainless steel.

What’s so Special About This Coin?

On one side of these Rs 1 coins, you can find corn earrings and on the other side, the Ashoka Pillar. India is written in both Hindi and English on it. All four Indian mints, as well as Llantrisant and Heaton mints in the United Kingdom, produced this 1985 1 Rupee coin. Notably, one rupee coins from 1985 are not uncommon, and one rupee coins from 1985 H mark are very frequent, thus these coins will not help you make millions of rupees.

Because it was not produced for general circulation and was a trial off Metal Strike (oms) coin, the 1985 coin that sold for Rs 2.5 lakh was extremely uncommon.

Off Metal Strike (OMS) refers to when a coin is minted with a different metal than normal. The 1985 OMS One Rupee coin, which was auctioned for 2.5 lakh, was produced entirely of copper. The other 1985 coins, on the other hand, were constructed of Copper-Nickel.If you have this uncommon coin, you may sell it online at Indiancoinmill.com. The website offers a completely free platform for selling rare and vintage banknotes and coins.

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