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ABCZ Selected Champions of the 41st Milk Competition during 85th Zebu Expo

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

The Brazilian Association of Breeders of Zebu selected the champions of the 41th Milk Competition. The awards ceremony was held at the Vanderley Alves de Andrade Zebu Breeding Complex, opened during ExpoZebu 2019.

"This year's results were very satisfactory, with a production of more than 21 thousand liters of milk, which were sold to dairy in the region and converted into a prize for milkers. This shows that our product is safe for consumption and good quality, "said the director of ABCZ, responsible for PMGZ Leite, Eduardo Falcão.

The announcement of the champions of the Milk Competition, the National Summary of the Dairy Zebu Breeds was officially launched. The scoresheet, which is in the 17th edition, encompasses evaluations of the Gir, Gir Mocha and Sindi races. The document allows to identify through the PTA (probable skills of transmission) the bulls most appropriate to the herd.

The characteristics with genetic estimates in the form of PTA were: accumulated milk production up to 305 days of lactation, percentage of fat in milk, percentage of protein in milk, lactation peak and persistence of lactation, and morphological characteristics included in the System Linear Evaluation.

Seal. It was also released on Friday, Zebu's Milk label. To achieve this, the producer needs to fit into some rules. "He has to do the dairy control, moreover, he must be enrolled in PMGZ Leite Max and in some municipal, state or federal body, and have 100% of registered zebu matrices," explains PMGZ Leite manager Mariana Alencar. 

With the seal, the objective is to value all Zebu products. "This will add market value, providing greater profitability for the producer. It is an achievement, valuing what we do on a daily basis on our farms, "concludes Eduardo.

The winners are:

Gir (Great Champion) FUBE 161 - JUREMA FIV FUB, Exhibitor: Euripedes José da Silva ,Total production of LCST: 190,440,Average LCST production: 63,480

Reserved Grand Champion JVCL 1657 - AMORA FIV CABO VERDE, Exhibitor: José Coelho Vitor  Total production of LCST: 189,974, Average LCST production: 63,325

Sindi (Great Champion),SOSL 120 - ELISA FIV, CARIRI Speaker: Adaldio José de Castilho Filho 
Total production of LCST: 93,427, Average LCST production: 31,142

Reserved Grand Champion AJCF 128 - BELGA FIV AJCF, Speaker: Adaldio José de Castilho Filho 
Total production of LCST: 91,810, Average LCST production: 30,603

Guzerá (Great Champion),JFT 3403 - PRIMAZIA JF,Exhibitor: Marcus Eduardo Diniz Figueiredo 
Total production of LCST: 137,415, Average production of LCST: 45,805

Reserved Grand Champion JFT 3459 - ESTIGMA JF,Speaker: José HD Figueiredo and Out. Cond. 
Total LCST, Production : 124,575 Average LCST Production: 41,525

Guzolando (Great Champion),UNIO 53 - CAMOMILA FIV UNIUBE, Exhibitor: Sociedade,Educacional Uberabense, Total production of LCST: 121,285, Average LCST production: 40,428

Reserved Grand ChampionUNIO 49 - CURICACA FIV UNIUBE,Ana Vera Marquez Palmério Cunha 
Total production of LCST: 119,227 ,Average LCST production: 39,741

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