Agriculture Professional Training Program by Shree ji Biotech

In India many farmers and Agriculture professionals live in the villages and rural areas and hence lack the most up-to-date information on how to grow crops efficiently and economically. Improving their knowledge of modern techniques and technologies, in addition to providing them with any physical resources necessary for implementation, can dramatically increase the farmers’ productivity.

Increased productivity for a few years is not much affirmative if good farming cannot be sustained for long. Identifying the need for a sustainable approach to agriculture, Shree Ji Biotech solution focuses on farmer education and training in methods and technologies that do not have an overly negative effect on soil health, water, and air quality.

cultivation of vermicompost

Agriculture professionals training and education programs, which are organised by the firm, under Pradeep Sharma who completed M.Sc. in Biotechnology from C.C.S.University, Meerut in 2002 and he has more than 10 years experience in Biotechnology and agriculture, pharmaceutical research are : 

  • Develop new outlook and awareness regarding modern agriculture
  • Develop crops availability using advance agriculture methods
  • Increase business and more profit better than before
  • Increase agriculture processional productivity and income
  • Increase sustainability of agricultural and farming practices

Many farmers and agricultural professionals are not well educated with farm practices. They don’t have knowledge about the production of crops, vegetables, food products by modern agricultural methods. No support and guidance leaves them perplexed as how to produce more crops, and how to learn good farm practices. A solution for them so that with the help small input they can get more output is presented by the firm. In this matter they must not understand they are not working as farmers they need to know that they have to represent as businessmen. Shree ji Biotech is giving best solution to them and we mentioned brilliant example without skills power is nothing we mean to say that if any person doesn’t know about new tactics he cannot success in his field so first of all we would like to suggest them, they have to learn about crops and vegetables by modern agriculture method. Shree ji Biotech is providing demonstration cum training.

Cultivation of Azolla fern by by scientific method

Increasing crops and food availability directly addresses hunger problems that arise when crops and foods are not available for people to buy. In villages and rural areas where connections to more productive areas are limited, a person completely depends on crops and food grown by farmers and agriculture professional in their own region: if the farmers can’t grow a lot of crops and food, people go hungry.

Increasing the sustainability of agricultural practices will ensure crops , food security in years to come by preserving and rehabilitating the resources used to produce crops, food, including soil and water.

Advantage of demonstration cum training programme

  • which crops to grow, based on growing environment (soil, climate, water availability), nutritional value and profit
  • how to implement sustainable agricultural methods that will maximize yield
  • how to use mechanized farming tools
  • To provide and support about the hurdle of farmers and agriculture professionals they faced in rural areas.
  • To train and educate the farmers for survival of integrated farming approach, eco-friendly and economically new methods of crops productions and good agriculture practices
  • To provide support for the development of villages and rural area i.e. Self employed, self-dependence and at least dependence on others.
  • To build self-confidence in the agriculture professionals by educating and training them about modern agriculture applications and providing the opportunities for business development programme in village and rural area

Now time fully depends on medicinal crops productions, domestic industry and we have an excellent training programme for agriculture professionals in different areas.

  • Medicinal plants cultivation i.e. Alovera, Bramhi, Stevia, Ashwagandha,Sarpgandha,Senna leaf and Citronella,lemon grass, khas cultivation
  • Algae cultivation i.e. Azola cultivation , Super food spirulina cultivation
  • Modern farming techniques i.e. Bullock operated pump, flour mill, fodder cutting machine, sprinkler and drip irrigation
  • To develop domestic industry and agribusiness i.e. Production of biophenol, Lac processing unit, Production of cow dung wood by machine, Production of aggarbati , dhoopbati and mosquito coil by cow dung, Modern dairy, mushroom production, Tissue culture lab, Hitech nursery,Vermicompsting production, Agribusiness centre, Floriculture.
  • Fisheries and aquaculture i.e. Apiculture, productions of ornamentals fish, duck culture                                                  

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