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Agriculture World Organises Webinar on ‘Supporting, Finding New Opportunities & Managing Risks in Organic Farming’

Krishi Jagran/Agriculture world conducted a webinar on Supporting, Finding New Opportunities & Managing Risks in Organic Farming with Gujarat Organic Farming Association on 25th July 2020.

Pritam Kashyap
A clip from the live webinar
A clip from the live webinar

Krishi Jagran and Agricultural World organized its first webinar on “Supporting, Finding New Opportunities, and Managing Risks in Organic farming” with Madhya Gujarat Farming Association talking about their traditional and progressive approach with the latest technologies.

At present, organic farming is widely used in India as it helps in the preservation of soil's organic composition and helps in to maintain and improve fertility, soil structure and biodiversity, and reduce erosion. It also reduces the burden and cost of fertilisers what farmers were suffering in past years.

Devesh Patel member of Gujarat Organic Farming Association (GOFA) under the Organic Farming Association of India (OFAI, Gujarat) says, “Many farmers join them by WhatsApp group and share their experience, failure & success which has helped in benefit to more than 200 farmers which are part of GOFA”. Then, scientists, research scholar are invited and farmers along with GOFA team learn more on technologies and how to overcome it. GOFA teams also promote organic farming to the nation but also with their farmers while having organic lunch with all the farmers as they also need to know and understand the difference in production. 

Patel says, “Prime Minister initiative of doubling farmers income only with agricultural is not possible until and unless farmers add value to the crops with technologies. He told he mainly cultivates tubers crop & spices and ginger and turmeric crop requires intensive labour and so due to lack of labour he had to suffer.  So, he designed a wheel which looks similar to Thomas railways and was used to make the processing of crop and easy in cultivation with fewer labour requirements. He also told that he has gifted this self-made machine to 53 farmers of Gujarat which were especially cultivating ginger & turmeric.  

organic farming

Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy (AYUSH) also during the COVID-19 pandemic promoted immunity builders like turmeric, ginger; ashwagandha etc. has also helped framers in somehow increasing income and they have also come up with unique solutions.  

Another farmer Achal Patel says, “If we follow the guidelines and timetables of Agricultural Ministry and plant according to it then Paddy cultivation transplantation will be excellent”. He follows a unique pattern of Paddy cultivation as creating a wetland like surrounding with fruits tree planted in filed which attracts birds and has increased their farm production. 

Sejal Kumar, a master in Colocasia /Arbi /Taro planting shares his experience that how leaves selection is important as Gujarati traditional dish Patra is made so it should not taste bitter. He sells black leaves Colocasia which is most extensively used and he is earning quite well.  

What is the impact on people’s health if they do not consume organic food and why organic farming is important that every person should use says Jagruti Rathod, an organic farmer. She says vermicomposting, organic manure and natural products every farmer and consumer must promote. Cancers, diabetes & other health-related ailments what person suffers are due to chemical intake and that must be reduced.  

Shruti Shah, an organic farmer who has previously worked in Sasan Gir shares that weed management is important and every farmer must be aware of how to differentiate between weed and their impact. Apart from this, they must also be aware of what measures they can take to tackle such kind of situation.  

Lantana is an invasive weed but if kept on the short height of hedge it attracts birds and butterflies and even helps to prevent animal entry so it is good to keep only at the border of land if it comes in between crop it grows rapidly and heights more than the desired plant and even plants dies due to lack of nutrient and sunlight.  

Umesh Giri Goswami, an organic farmer strongly criticizes that urea fertilizers must not be used as it erodes soil and causes cancer in humans and animals by entering an ecological cycle and disturb all surroundings. 

Parul Zaveri says, “Since childhood, she has seen farming and developed a passion in his family all are graduates but somehow don’t do farming and says that his family member has donated land to Mahatma Gandhi and Vinoba Bhave in Bhoodan movement”. She purchased lands which were not rejuvenated and has a dream to rejuvenate land which she achieved with organic farming practices.  

Niketa Patel and Bhavesh Patel both from organic farming have now turned out to be a new entrepreneur and themselves do all packaging and selling of their produce. Krishi Jagran has also recently started a Farmer the Brand (FTB) platform which helps to boost and sell their produce directly to consumers or helps them to find suitable an organization to sell them.  

The webinar had people from Madhya Gujarat Farming Association which represents various districts of Gujarat and it was hosted by Dr. Laksmi Unnithan, Editor of Agricultural World. 

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